Just starting up on Ladder


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Just starting up on Ladder

Alright, so I've decided that I'm sick of not having all the Ladder-only runewords available to me... and more importantly, all the ****** dupes. So, I'm moving to Ladder, starting out with a summoner necromancer for the pits. Straightforward, right?

I'm thinking about going with :

20 Raise Skeleton
20 Skeleton Mastery
20 Skeleton Magi

One point wonders : Amp, weaken, terror, decrep, clay golem, golem mastery, summon resist, blood golem, iron golem

about 1-5 points in revive, depending on how much I can support
And everything else I get into corpse explosion

Unfortunately, for the gear I have planned, I can't imagine having a whole heck of a lot of +skills. In fact, unless I get some kind of ridiculous drop early, I won't have any. My gear would look like :

chance guards (Doesn't matter what %, mostly for the gold)
Wealth in any armor up to 110 strength
3pdiamond sheild
amulet doesn't matter, probably pris
2x dwarf stars
helm for resists, probably a 3os bone visage if I can get one with whatever resist runes I feel I need for the pit or Travincal
marrowwalk boots if I can get them, anything with walk speed and/or resists until then
2x lem'ed alibaba

One of my friends hooked me up with a Gheeds.. 89/15/33 I think. With all this gear, at level 80, I should have somewhere around 1200% goldfind. My main targets would be pits for items/goldfind, and travincal for goldfind primarily. It should also be capable in cows if I can get to about level 80, with the high level of corpse explosion. My merc will use whatever I can find for him, but the main thing I'll be looking for will be a polearm of some sort so I can put Insight into it, to help with the corpse explosion and revive spammage.

Does this build look like it'll work? I haven't actually played a summoner through since 1.09, so I'm not certain how well it'll hold up. It's a relatively inexpensive build, the only things that are of worth are the 3x lem, 1x ko, and 2x dwarf stars... and even the DS's can probably be gotten for a couple of gems each. The +life will undoubtedly be helpful, as will the fire absorb when I hit travincal... and with this build's focus being on gold for gambling (I'll be making an Edge bow, and probably gamble rings/coronets primarily, since I don't expect my level to get high enough to handle a decent chance at +2 skill amulets) the 100% goldfind on each is just beautiful.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - and if anyone has some of the gear I need and would be willing to trade USeast scl --> useast scnl, let me know what you're in search of, please.


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Skeleton Mages aren't really very powerful without Lower Resists...So maybe you should start by putting only 1 point (prerequisite for Revives) and see how they work out for you. They are very fragile, don't deal a lot of damage and can block the path of your skeleton warriors...very annoying.

Maybe you should cut down a bit on your goldfind/magic find...no use having a gazillion MF/GF if you can't kill anything. Getting a good wand with +2 necro skills or Arm Of King Leoric, will really make your life a whole lot easier. Also instead of a 3x diamond shield, try looking for a necro head with some +skills, they can also spawn with 2 sockets so you can still get some resists.

Tarnhelm might also be an option, since it has all of the things you're looking for...+1 skils and GF/MF. Otherwise be sure to get your merc some Crushing Blow, even if your minions aren't up to par he can still get that first vital corpse for you if he does some decent damage.

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Chimaira said:
Skeleton Mages aren't really very powerful without Lower Resists...So maybe you should start by putting only 1 point (prerequisite for Revives) and see how they work out for you. They are very fragile, don't deal a lot of damage and can block the path of your skeleton warriors...very annoying.
One point in Mages will only produce a few weak Mages. If he wants to know whether or not he likes them he can just max Mages and create another Necro if he decides that he doesn't like Mages.


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I was actually thinking about that, and the lack of killing speed, and figure that I could actually keep an eye open for +skeleton wands/heads, and keep them on my weapon switch. If I ever need to resummon, hit w, raise a few, then go back to my goldfind. I figured that would probably be the easiest way - and I imagine the Arm costing a little bit, possibly more than I have (think negatives :p).

If magi are that useless, then perhaps I'll just max revives instead, once I get my merc insight. The additional power lent to revives certainly will be an advantage over magi. And if my merc is using an insight polearm, he should be able to kill fairly well... after all, I can get him to kill a few carvers, start my skeletons, and work from there.

I'll probably keep my eyes open for items like rattlecage and guilleaime's (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) face for the merc... or one of the two, and find something with life leech for the other spot, like wormskull, crown of theives, or skin of the flayed one. All fairly easy to come by, I think.

So, switching out magi for revives, and keeping prebuff wand/head on switch... will that give me the needed edge?


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Ahahaha... okay, I feel rather like an idiot now...

I just realized that on one of my old accounts I had a sorceress who I was playing around with, and she's still got some stuff I can use... including a Spirit long sword (Helpful!) and a stashfull of runes/pgems. Nothing above hel, mind you, but still - an unbelievable score for someone who had forgotten all about it. :lol:

So now I've got lore, chance guards, peasant crown, a 3psaphire crown... more likely to use the lore or something than that, but hey. :p

I think I actually have the runes to make insight already... which is very, very cool in my books. I'll wait till I get to nightmare act 2, and get my might merc, hopefully I'll find a nice polearm for it along the way.


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Hmm i feel its easier to balance +skill/mf rather than goldfind/mf :( Your proposed budget of 3 lems + ko on west softcore ladder could land you a low ed shako (lem) , skullders (lem) and marrows (ko) Chance guards, dwaftstar and goldwrap could then increase your %goldfind. Mf on shields couldn't get very high so a p-diamond homunculus (<lem) would serve you well in hell for the skills/resists and/or blocking if you like. I didn't have a planned budget when i came back to LOD this ladder season and i went for a bone/summon item runner. For summoner AOKL rocks. You could save points and simply max rs/sm and the bone skills later. If you are interested this is how i did it :
However my build was geared towards mf rather than gf but i do have a decent %gf IMO :p I started untwinked too till the day i finally got those runewords i thought i'd never get and remade my char hehe. Cheers and welcome to ladder :D

p.s 'Splendour' necro head is a great mf shield (i have on switch)


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That all seems reasonable... I guess I was just trying to go a bit overboard, lol.

So, since I haven't spread out my points too much yet (I am at level 23, with 1 point into each of decrep's prereqs, one point into gumby, gumby mastery, blood golem... when I hit 24 I'm going to do izzy, get summon resist, iron golem, decrep, and then work on my skelly/mastery till 29, when I'll get one into mages, so I can open up revives at 30)... I really do have a lot of options open to me. I think I'd prefer to go the summon/corpse explosion route, though. Yes, I plan on getting marrowwalks eventually, but that's going to be a long ways away. I can probably trade the occulus on my sorc away for a homonc (I'm not too worried about keeping the sorc geared, really... lol) but that's the highest worth item she has. Got a pul from her nm hellforge that I traded for the occy I think.

So, my new planned setup will look more like this :

Spirit longsword, upgrade to some wand later
marrows (eventually)
skullders or wealth, whichever I can get first
2x dwarf star
Lore helm
spare amulet slot

And then all I need to worry about buying is the armor, belt, and rings - I can get homonc easily enough. Should kill much faster, have a little bit of mf, quite a bit of goldfind.. 550ish with skullders, 850 with wealth. And gives me quick a bit more in the way of skills.

Also realized that I have a martial arts gc with 6 poison on it in my sorc's stash... Maybe I can trade that for something, as well. If I can get skullders for it, and homonc for the occy, then the pgems I have remaining should get me the belt and rings, and then I'm sittin' pretty :D


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I just started my first ladder toon, after years of single player. Since I had no access to wealth, I went with a fishymancer. Good choice! I am finishing Act 5 NM today.
I have found and cubed up about 15 pgems, found a Lum and a Pul, and 2 mules full of pretty useless uniques and set items.

So far, I've been able to find and trade for a 48% Tarnhelm with a pTopaz, Arm of King Leoric (wow), Skuldir's Ire (wow), War Travelers, a 48% mf amulet, upped Goldwraps, Ancient's Pledge shield, rare rings with mf, rare mf gloves (haven't found my Chance Guards yet), and a bunch of gold find.

I have breezed thru the game solo with no trouble except for normal Diablo, needed help with that. I'll be in Hell by level 57. NM Diablo was a breeze. Don't know about Baal yet, not expecting problems. Have level 28 skellies, they VERY rarely die. This is definately the build for HC, I've only died 3 times, other than normal Diablo, and that was due to doing stupid stuff like running into a bunch of vipers.

You can expect to get rich later on, and the skellimancer guide gives good advice on mf gear.

Good luck!


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Yes, thankfully the guides on this forum are very helpful... and I'm quite glad that I had access to those items from my old sorc... they will help, a lot.

I had a pair of 33% chancies on her, and recently finished off normal Diablo ... guy was a pushover for me. He dropped me a fresh new pair of 30% chancies, and I got a nagel from... someone, I can't remember who. 16%, but still nice. If you happen to be on Useast, and have some spare MF gear, a goldwrap or something (I'm not so worried about upped yet) I'd be more than happy to trade one of my chancies to you


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Today i (re)started on US East, since i had the feeling i was pretty much alone on the Europe Servers.

For the Mages discussion. I had them maxed and they survive pretty well, they do die more often then your warriors. But overall, they add a nice touch. The drawback i had was that when you run around they sometime get lost/gone. And one certain levels, when you have to navigate stairs, they can block your warriors. And the whole bunch just sits there on top of the stairs. I do favour the maxing mages above maxing revives though.