Just got a new Infinity, wonder how i can make good use of it? der


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Just got a new Infinity, wonder how i can make good use of it?

Just got an Infinity through a trade and i was thinking if i should use it on my zealer/smite (pvm only)'s merc. at the moment the merc is using ethereal doom crytic axe.

I am wondering if it will be better if i swap my guilluame with a a dream bonevisage if i am to put it on my merc.

my zealer's gear is:
eBotd zerker/Stormlash/Grimmshred
Guillaume's Face <---- swap with the Dream BV?
Chains of Honor
Verdungo <---- swap with thundergod?
Laying of Hands
Gore Rider
Seraph's Hymn <---- should i change it to highlords as well for Light dmg and Deadly strike? (since losing guillame loses HUGE CB and some DS)
Raven Frost
Raven Frost

Merc's gear
Doom <---- swap with the Infinity?

If i am to swap out the guillaume i know i will only have 15 Crushing blow and 15 deadly left from the gorerider. (unless i put on highlords for more DS)

Any suggestions? what will be the outcome if i make any of the changes?
which would be more effective and what will you do if you are me.

A side note: if i am NOT going to let my pally use it, i also have these chars:

- ww barb
- doubleswing barb
- caster chars (but i want them all to use insights as i hate running out of mana and use pots, so i would just let my melee chars use it.

any opinions?


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wouldnt be amazingly effective but you could put it and dream on your merc.

But yah, i would trade it and get pride as well.


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Thanks for all the comments, i guess this forces me to remake my
cold mf sorc into a light mf sorc lol

I think it would be interesting as it will open up the places that i
cannot do mf before with the cold sorc.

Though i prefer the bone visage look on pally instead of the
horned helm in Guillaume, but oh well, guillaume is awesome.
I wish we can have cube receipe that allow us to change the
look and color of items lol