just feel like ranting about sci-fi


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just feel like ranting about sci-fi

why oh why do hollywood sci-fi films have to have the stupidest names for some kind of foreign undiscovered tribe/alien species? they all have 3 or more of the following characteristics
1. contains the letter z
2. contains the letter x
3. is onomatopoeic to a snake, bee, band saw, or someone choking on a pretzel
4. contains an apostrophe
5. the above apostrophe is absolutely unnecessary with regards to pronunciation
6. has a ridiculous consonant:vowel ratio

example: xuu'ttwaeb'l'z
if that name hasn't already been used in some kind of sci-fi film, i'm sure it will be within a few years.


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Well, would it sound more believable if there was an alien named Bob? Or Michael Jackson? Oh wait....there already is....


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hehe you've got a point there, the names seems to always suck for some reason. Lucas is really bad with the names, lots of 's and just plain funky names, ala something like Olan Rottenstink or some such. I read one the other day that was just flat out dumb, but for the life of me, I cant remember it (it was an alien in Episode II)

I enjoy sci-fi myself, but these names have got to go, most of em are gettin longer and more contorted than dragons names in D&D, geez