Just did uber trist with a poisonmancer..


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Just did uber trist with a poisonmancer..

.. it was just a test editor run, don't get too excited :laugh:

For some reason I couldn't kill uber lilith, but I did well against ubers, took a lot of time. Too bad uber trist is watered down - no minions. It took a while to kill mephisto with poison nova, but I did it (his edited stats, hp regen, resis etc. don't vary from the bnet version afaik, so it should work there too). 110 Poison res is breakable with lower resis, and from there, stuff like death's web kick in.

My gear was:
Helmet: 3 PnB 100 life circlet socketed with two 5/5 poison facets
Amu: Maras
Armor: Bramble
Weapon: death's web with 5/5 pfacet
Shield: trang's with 5/5 pfacet (for the extra -25% poison res you get for wearing three set items)
Belt: trang's belt
Gloves: Trang's gloves
Ring1: soj
ring2: Rare ridiculous ring with fcr, 80 mana :)laugh:), 20 str and tons of resis.
Boots: Tri-res rares.

For some reason the trang version was faster than with arach+homun/boneflame, both against ordinary monsters and bosses.

I wonder if it's do-able with poisonmancer on bnet. In theory, it should be. Lower resist reduces his immunity by 65/5 = 13 %, breaking it, from there you have -55% from dweb, -25% from set, -10% from helmet and -5% from shield, 95% in total, so if I haven't messed anything, it should drop to 97-95=2% poison res, enough to kill him.

Still, I don't understand why:

1. he kept regenerating. I read that poison cancels regeneration, but even when constantly poisoned, his hp bar increased from time to time. Of course it decreased faster, but, still.. some editor bug or does it not prevent ubers from regenerating?
2. Lilith was near unkillable with pnova, while mephisto eventually died. Ughh. Is there any difference between those two?

Since such build is rather hard to get on bnet (lots of rare items), I'd rather hear some explanations from more experienced poisonmancers before I start making a bnet poisonmancer of my own :laugh:

Btw the golem did extremely well against mephi. On CTA, he could tank like a minute or so..


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Re: Just did uber trist with a poisonmancer..

1. Poison nova is over two seconds >> perhaps there was some lag and all and some of your poison nova actually didn't have an effect on him thus his regeneration.

2. Weird.. Both Lillith and Mephisto are poison immuned with 110 poison resist.


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Re: Just did uber trist with a poisonmancer..

so are burning souls with 110.. yet lower resist breaks it

Everything below 112% Poison resist should be breakable with -65% LR.


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Re: Just did uber trist with a poisonmancer..

Did the game still display "poison resistant" under Lillith's health bar after casting LR on her?
I really need to try this on bnet. If I find the time I will try the Ubers with my poison mancer :cool:

BTW, it's no wonder that Trang's combo works better than arach+boneflame/homunculus because of the -25% poison resist that you get from the set. Against monsters with positive poison resistance, items that grant -resist are way better than ones that give you +skills.



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Re: Just did uber trist with a poisonmancer..

When patch 1.11 first came out I did all the ubers with a full trang's set poisoner (with max golem mastery and 1 pt revives). I found that my 15 or so revives did most of the damage versus some of the ubers, along with my mercinary and a golem to slow them down. Poison and lower resist quickly killed all the summons in uber trist and if you are quick you can revive them before they decay.