Just complete my first CTA....


Just complete my first CTA....

+6 Battle command
+2 BO :xx:
+3 battle cry

I get a slvl 11 BO and I gain about 700+ life and 500+ mana. I had no idea this thing was so good.

All because of that etheral beserker axe :). The great b.net gods were looking out for me this week literally.

Well now to get 2 sojs from beloved nm andy. I can't be much more lucky than what I am right now.


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hah thats cool. i've been trying to get my hands on cta for a while now.. just havent found good enough stuff yet. but then again.. i made hoto and enigma first. :)

finding sojs.. i've been playing for like 3 yrs and i've never found a soj. :(


I have botd runes just need eth CB, enigma, hoTo, and CTA.

Next big runeword is doom war spike although I won't take that quest for a while.


war spike is an axe.

IM a big fan of the ETH BOTD war spike.

granted the zerk has anohter 100+ max dam but my average damage w the war spike is better imo than zerk plus its a fuzz faster I do believe.

I found a superior 12ed ettin and made my CTA out of it 4/3/4 with the MF bonus its nice to finish meph w that and eth exile. ( kurast w 19 res... I know I should have waited for a better shield but Id already waited three weeks to find this eth one.)

I got back on-line about a month ago with no more than one old acct my pal had kept up for me , Id given away all nine mule accts back in december 2002 ( back when 1.10 was still a joke ) and managed to find a couple eth bzerkers to trade away for just basic runes for botd and enigma.. from that ive gotten every rune word in the 1.10 patch (cresent moon and Gloom are two of my favorite cheap ones ) and tried them all ( ive made everyone by trading what I make for more runes and finding more socketed items) its really not that hard if you spend 80% of your time just surfing through games doing mf and killing acts that you know you wont get smoked solo in. ( my ** pally zealot dont mess with oblivion knights in act4 and dont go solo in worldstone, but I can smoke travincal, meph skenk, eldritch with ease and jump in a pack of cows long enough for some zon to smoke them off or a WW barb to keep just enough from hitting me to where I dont die LL is the key)

so the Moral of the story. hang in there its easier than you think. :)


Ifrit18 said:
Yeah I'm hoping pits will turn up an eth CB. Trading for Eth CB is not really an option for me.

I found both eth zerks ( the first two) doing diablo w my sorc...

the eth war spikes Ive kept and made botd for myself out of all where found doing cows with a pal.

ive tried the pit and its just too long a walk for minimal payoff. IMO its more fun to play meph eldritch and skenk with the occasional run in cows and arreats passage game jumping. even droppin crap is still more fun for me than spending all the time to get to the pit only to drop all white and blue...

of course I still get exicted when I drop a set ring... Ive got myself convinced when I see cathans seal or angelic POS that good things are coming :) :flip: