Just a thought...


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Just a thought...

Not very serious topic, but wouldn't this be cool? :rolleyes:

Imagine this very special and not very likely situation...

Player with fortitude armor (Chilling is triggered) 95% lightning resist and lots of absorb gear.

Lightning Enchanted, (Multishot), Cold immune monster standing in such a position it can't (or simply won't) move.

Player gets into a position where he gets hit by Charged Bolts but can't be reached by the monster's attacks and throws a throwing knife or similar.

Player goes afk for a few minutes... Will the chain reaction build on monster releasing couple of charged bolts, each causing player to cast icebolts, causing more chargedbolts, more ice, more chargeds and so on... Or will it die out/never start?


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when did you think of this? lol... idk maybe...

hears something to pick your brain-

2 players with fortitude armor- one shoots an arrow.... will they fire back+ forth?


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The first idea would be funny to see. best bet in act2 with scarabs for extra lightning, just need to find a cold immune boss.