just a thought on hc char best one


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just a thought on hc char best one

which if you were really really really! rich, what type of char would you guys make and what items and stats :p just a question,as i was thinking of making uber pala and sell all my stuff and steal stuff of my mates :lol:

i was thinking maybe making a pala using

ber 141 shako
ber 200%ed hoz
15 sup archon enimga
40 hoto
30 maras
20 wisp
p marrows

9 p combatgcs
10 20 lifesc
20/20/10 anni :lol:
tp book

max hammers
max blessed
max conc
max vigor
15 holy shiled
1 mediation

o str
max blockat lvl 90 so what like 200 dex
rest vita
0 ene

just a thought maybe once have a mfer up and runing i might do some pits or something and try find me some high runes ^.^

other then thatwhat typeof char would you make that you think wouldnt die :p


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With all those items.. is a there a point left to the game besides PvP? ;) I wouldn't go mfing with a perfect character, since you have everything already.

Also, why not go to 99 instead of 90? Say you level up past 90.. you get 5 stat points, but you have to devote 2-3 a level to dexterity. That's still more life and better chance not to get hit during pvp. 9 levels could make a difference.

Edit: Here is mine . . .

Level 6 Assassin

Katar (chipped sapphire)(chipped topaz)
Cracked Sash
Buckler (chipped amethyst)
2 scrolls of town portal
5 minor healing potions

1 BoS
Rest in claw mastery

. . . It gives me room for improvement, which I think is the fun part.



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you dont need 200 dex with a pala who has like 20+ in holy shield, mine had max block at lvl 90 with lvl 20(dont remember exactly) and 109 base dex


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I'd make this sork:
perfect CoA SolSol
+3 skills of Life Everlasting
2x Dwarf
SS w/ Shael
Wizzy w/ 15% res
fastest/fastest boots
Perfect PDR/MDR Gladiator's Bane w/ Sol
39x Shimmering/vitas (these don't ALL need to be QUITE perfect)
1x perfect anni

20 in the armor with highest def bonus (forget which)
20 teleport
20 orb
20 cm
1 static
1 warmth
then keep dumping into warmth


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i'll separate this into the enigmaless category and the enigma category.

light sork!
20 telekinesis (removes the need for insight merk for the most part)
1 in all the useful stuff
rest in lightning/synergies

shako (ber), ss (facet), maras, ormus (facet), hoto, magefist, arach, eth treks, 2 sojs, cta/spirit on switch
9x shimmering/single res of vita, 10x sparking of vita, anni

of course, needs a godly merc:
eth infinity thresher
armor and hat not sure, probably some sort of ias in there for massive gloam killing

nec! (haha, almost everyone can prolly guess this)
bp enigma
3 piece trangs (topaz on shield)
shako (facet)
deaths web (facet)
2 sojs
(this is for general killing. for teleporting id use wizzy + fcr ring)
cta and spirit on switch

i think it was something like 80+ res all worth of charms to get max res, so not that many skillers. too lazy to figure out exact math, but get skellies to next skelly skillpoint, then rest pnbs.

merc: might with


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I liked my hammerdin very much when I still played. He was my best character. Not the GREATEST GEAR EVER but pretty damn good for me. Here's his gear:

Shako (Um'd iirc)
Up'd Um'd Vipermagi
Hoz (pdiamond)
2/2 seraphs
Rare ring with resists/fcr/dex
Rare ring with resists/fcr/str
Inventory filled with combat charms and vitas
Tele ammy in inventory
Wanted to have CTA on switch but never got around to it.

This pally hit max bp for hammers and was dishin' out about 12k per hammer. Max block, don't remember life with my oak, I think it was maybe around 2.3k.(But don't quote me on that, I don't really remember how high life can get in this game anymore)

He was a beast! :D


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My hammerdin setup would look like this . . .

141 Cham Harlequin Crest
200% Ber Upgraded (To perfect max defense) HoZ / eth Spirit Monarch 35%
40% Res Hoto Flail / Perf eth cta crystal sword
Arachnid's Mesh
Bloodfist Double Upgraded max def
Waterwalk Upgraded max def +65 life
Crafted ammy: +2 paly, 20% fcr, 20 res, 20 str, 20 dex, life, mana
Perfect Enigma Wire Fleece

Merc: Defiance

ChamBer perfect CoA
Ethereal perfect Sacred Stone
Eth insight Thresher

But I don't like to cheat that much, so that'll never happen. I'll stick with my previous sin.



Here are two of the characters i have right now:

Level 92 pally hammerdin
Perfect rubied shako
Superior mage plate enigma
Um'd Hoz
2x bul kathos rings
Arachnid belt
Upgraded magefists/upgraded waterwalks
1x p combat gc/40% gheeds/Nice anni/rest Vita sc's
Merc:Eth obidiance cryptic axe/Eth duress/Andy visage with ral in it

Level 93 assasin trapper
Um'd shako
Superior Dusk shroud enigma
Stormshield socketed with a 26% fire res/-15 req jewel
Arachnid belt
2x sojs
Trangs gloves
Upgraded waterwalks
6x Trap gcs (all have second mods of life/str/dex)
Nice anni, Rest of the spaces are 19-20 life vita smalls.
Merc: Infinity cryptic axe/Um'd shaftstop (was using fort but traded)/andy visage with 8 str/30% fire res jewel in it.

I'm pretty satisfied with their items...right now im working on a Melee paladin with 2x dreams, Beast zerker and fortitude. I think he'll be my favorite expensive character.


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Hmm mine would be some sort of dueler, prob MLD or LLD. What would be really cool would be a level 53 pally using: perfect oath eth small cresent, perfect eth hoz with a 30 max jewel or 30ed/10min, perfect eth shaft with a 30 max or 30 ed 10 min or a 120 max or 120ed 40 min whale armor, tgods, 30 max or 30ed/10 min in a guiluames, perf eth gores, ik belt + gloves to get more ias i spose, 1x perfect raven + angelic combo, 39x 3/20/20's. Skill setup for a zealer using fanat aura. I'm not sure if 30 maxes exist still, but this would somewhat be a dream dueler. With cb + ds + massive dmg this guy could prob own all of those damn 53 zerkers.


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In terms of duelers this is what it would be . . .

1.09 plz
No 1.08 items.
No eth bug.

Level 49 Whirlwinder -

(Eth)Cruel Highland Blade of Evisceration (Realgar of Fervor x 2)
(Eth)Jeweler's Dusk Shroud of the Whale (Realgar of Carnage x 4)
6%/200% (Eth)Arreat's Face (Realgar of Carnage)
(Eth)Artisan's Pavise of Deflecting (Realgar of Carnage x 3)
250/20 Ravenfrost x 2
8%/15%/180% (Eth)String of Ears
190% (Eth)War Traveler
Immortal King's Forge
Rare Amulet : +2 Warcries, +Dex/+Str, Teleport Charges, +Life, +Res All
Weapon Switch : (Eth)Red Echoing Throwing Spears x 2

3/20/20 x 39. ;)

. . . I think Aerosmith put it correctly. Dream on.