Just a little story :-)


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Just a little story :)

Keep in mind this is right at the end of the council wave during a baalrun:


(the image works fine, but should it not work, I'll type it out below)

player1: next
player1: 1
player2: lol?
me: lol?
me: 2 more waves
player2: noob
player1: you noob
player2: not really
player1: you noob
player2: cry
player3: kiddies
player1: you
player3: you noob you noob
player3: lol
player1: you
player4: stfu u noobs

Ah, so stupid, but it just made me smile, I (wisely) decided not to interfere with the 'noobs' ;)
yeah, i had something dfferent but funny in the same way recently .. something like:

noob 1: i have 3 enigmas
noob 2: i have 12
noob 1: yeah, well i have 5 hotos also
noob 2: stfu noob
noob 1: you stfu, noob
noobs 1 and 2 and some random other guy were slain by bartuc the bloody



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that was hilarious and sad..

i hate it when ppl online go "lol?" b/c that confuses everything and then everyone else starts calling each other noobs and stuff.
lol another one i just saw

i was doing trist runs with my new pvm boner:

nooblet1: necros rox (he was a pally =\)
me: im a necro ;)
nooblet2: im foh pally!
nooblet1: me 2!!
me(trying to be nice and talk): so, are you guys pvp?
nooblets1 and 2 in sync: im not a noob or anything, but whats pvp mean?