Just a big thank you to all of you out there


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Just a big thank you to all of you out there

I joined about 2 weeks ago
(read the forums a bit longer) and I must say, the fun with Diablo 2 is a lot bigger now.
I left the realms and started out fresh. I allways wanted to start to collect all uniques, sets, runes and so on and after reading about the grail...well, I started out on my own grail.
1. All Uniques, sets, runes (all must be collected by me)
2. Make a lvl 99 char in all classes (and after that some more, hehe)

With the help of ATMA and the medievalmart sheet it is a lot easier and I have a lot of fun! Without this forum I would not have found it. So thanks. And as soon as I have a collection of doubles from the uniques, sets, i'll post in the weekly give away thread as a thank you :clap:

ps. my first char is now a lvl 47 barb and I collected 17 unique/set items out of which 2 were double.
Can't wait to go back home after work to get on with it.


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Well, as soon as you have doubles of everything, we will be busy grailing in Diablo4 :p

Good luck, youll need it! ;)


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hehe indeed, tom complete the ful grail, good luck to you :thumbsup:
but hey, who says you can't do it ?
everything is possible! *does the happy dance* :jig: