July 13th is the date...


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July 13th is the date...

...set by NASA to launch Discovery. As many of you know, it will be the first space shuttle launch by NASA since the Columbia accident back in 2003.

Story found here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20050630/ap_on_sc/space_shuttle_14;_ylt=AgR3sdk.3ga8pZ4IogqBcW8YAjMB;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

What do you guys think?

It's obvious that NASA should do something soon. I mean they can't stay grounded forever. The media reported the even after all the safety adjustments that the NASA people did, the inspection crew still found some things missing. I personally think that NASA should step up a bit. I mean they already lost 2 shuttles and they are just doing research and more research. Shouldn't they have somthing monumental by now to present to the rest of the world?


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NASA is really in a pickle right now.

They have lost face with the shuttle program and, as a result, I'm pretty sure funding has been cut. They also have to check every tiny detail that is the least bit imperfect that might conceivably create a danger to the crew/ship.

I'm pretty sure they realize they need to get something out there, but I can appreciate why it's taking so long to happen.


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If they can just hold out a little while longer, I'll be done with college and make something better for them.


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Between you and me, I think the Shuttle architecture is still very dangerous. Since I got smart about it, I have never been a big fan of sending wings into space. I would rather see crew and cargo split up. Especially if they continue to launch like shuttle does now.

Mike Griffin is the right person to head up NASA from what I can tell. He once worked for my company so I know people who know him well. He will get things moving along.

To that end, NASA is currently pretty aggressive with the CEV (Crew Exploration Vehicle) program. The most popular design seems to be going back to a capsule like Apollo but larger. This would allow you to easily use a tractor system for crew escape. Plus a capsule is pretty darn safe for the most part. The big decision is whether they want to land in water or on land.

I am currently not working on the manned spaceflight proposals but I hope to get back on that sometime down the road. I did that for nearly 2 years before shifting off it when NASA reorganized the program.

So yeah, big things are happening at NASA but maybe not getting the press like the shuttle is now.

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I recall it costs about $500 million to launch a shuttle, still much cheaper than the Saturn V's. They get about $16 billion in funds, a figure that has not changed since the 80's. and considering the probe they are going to ram the astroid with costs abot 300 million....

Call me crazy, but I think they need a bigger buget. they cut the last shuttle replacent craft because it was so expensive. Face it, space thravel is expensive, and always will be until a break through happens.


That shuttle that crashed in 2003 wasnt all bad news. I mean ApocalypseDemon was banned from the forums in a thread discussing the shuttle crash.