Julius reaches level 99


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Julius reaches level 99

And so ends the journey for Julius the Hammerdin. My 2nd SP 99er in 1.11. Julius took 5 mothns to get from 1 - 99, 3 of those months were from 98 -99, still much quicker than my Bliz sorc.......

Anyhow, here he is:


Gear and skills are what you'd expect from a Baal running hammerdin... inventory was filled with 7 skillers (started with 8, but was convinced by Corr that Gheeds was the better option), 40% Gheeds, 7%smfc's and the cube, in which resided a lash that was equipped to smite Baal (over and over and over )

All in all a pretty fun character to take to 99. He'll now suffer the same fate as Ayla the Bliz sorc and be retired from all active duty.

Next up... I need some gear and then will do it all over again with the next class

A big thanks to all in IRC, especially Marvel, those comps made the journey far more enjoyable:wink3:


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Congrats on the 99'er.

Been following your progress in the other thread.

Planning on making 7(sept) 99'ers?




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grats, 99 is something that I've always wanted on this game but never have the time. Can you sum up any great finds you've had with this character whilst baal running?


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Three months for one level make AJK's head spin.
*fixes head*

I applaud your determination and wonder about how high your loot pile must have grown.


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Congrats! :thumbsup:

I'd never have the patience to do the same runs for that long.


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Gratz on making it another time. I would never be able to do that in only 5 months, especially not with a hammerdin.
What character will be next?


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congrats there man, i would actually like to know what equipment you had, if you feel like posting it, (to see how it compares to mine... im guessing alot better :p)


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Huge congrats.

An absolutely amazing performance.

Also a big thanks for coming along and giving me a little push (the gust of wind as you flew by) when I needed it.


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Grats grogs, incredibly impressed. 3 months....I can only imagine...Im interested in what character is coming next. Good luck..and thanks again for all your help.



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Congratulations yet again...

Its a nice ride the path to 99 i enjoyed every comp we had. We did alot of the long nice ones too bad about the time difference thought but worked out pretty well anyhow.

Good luck with your other character and i hope your ready for a few LK comps after i finished my own 99 char.


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Awesome accomplishment grogs! I had a death to conviction Ventar, and died (only at lvl94), but it was devestating. With teleport + death, there really isn't any chance of getting your body back, so I had to eat the loss of XP. I haven't played him since. I'm HF rushing, so CtA may be in my future soon.

Congrats on another 99'er. Would be truely amazing if you were to take a character from each class there!:sunny:


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Congrats!!! extremely impressed by the tenacity it must take to get to 99...3 months for that last level is soooooooo tedious....<raises glass for a toast>