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There were a number of Internet browsers in a computer once, when they
realized that there wasn’t enough storage for them all.

NETSCAPE stood up and said: “I’ll sacrifice myself for the good of the system.†and he preceeded to uninstall himself.

The other browsers realized that even without NETSCAPE, the system was still overwhelmed.

OPERA stood up and said: “I can do no less than NETSCAPE.†and he also uninstalled himself.

Sadly, the system was still laboring to run.

MOZILLA stoop and said: “Before I uninstall myself, I’d like to take a minute to discuss my many great qualities.â€

Whereupon EXPLORER and all the others browsers uninstalled themselves rather than listen to it all again.



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You know what the best part of the joke is? The part where IE gets uninstalled. How'd they get that one to work?