Jewel Question


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Jewel Question

Is this jewel worth anything on the SPF? I'd be willing to trade it, if so. On B-Net I know these things go for a lot...

Also, it seems like I'll never have to stack up on MF gear again! :clap:



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It si probably worth something to the right person. I prefer to wait and use double modded jewels like 15ias/35ed or 15ias/resists.

Nice MF charm.

Cheers K


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I suspect that the jewel is as useful here as bnet but the stuff that we have to trade for it is tougher to come by. You could probably get an EU out of it from the right person but I suspect that's it.


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BenRosser787 said:
Well, I finally traded it. A certain unique Shako for my +15 max damage jewel :clap:
Jeez, didnt know there was an LLD community here. Cant think of much else use for those things.