JESUS CHRIST IT'S A LION! (Post some cats!)

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JESUS CHRIST IT'S A LION! (Post some cats!)

In here we discuss cats and post pics.

Kittens, cats, bonsai cats. Your cats, my cats, his cats, her cats. Anything is up for discussion as long as it's cat-related.

Post pics if you've got em.

Personally I love cats, I dont have one but my father (which I have cuted connection with) has 2 and my grandparents have 3 from the offspring, they are so cute when I get to their house they come running to me then they start asking for me to pet them (meooooooow :3)

Some Cat Facts
The cat is a skilled predator and intelligent animal, known to hunt over 1,000 species for food, and capable of being trained (and learning by itself) to obey simple commands and manipulate simple mechanisms.

It has lived in close association with humans for 3,500 to 8,000 years, figuring prominently in the mythology and legends of several cultures.

Most breeds of cat have a noted fondness for settling in high places, or perching. Animal behaviorists have raised a number of explanations, the most common being that height gives the cat a better observation point, allowing it to survey its "territory" and become aware of activities of people and other pets in the area.

During a fall, a cat can reflexively twist its body and right itself using its acute sense of balance and flexibility.
(If you have more interesting facts: post them)

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