Jerry Fallwell in Critical Conditon


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About time god gets around to cleaning up his messes....

Unfortunately, the story says he's still stable, so we're not quite rid of him.


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Amra said:
I have no love for him but that seems beneath you.

Or maybe not.
You don't see the irony here? This is the man who claimed 9/11 (and who knows how many other disasters) was god's punishment for America being too tolerant of homosexuals. Now that his own life is about to end, there can only be one reason for this "tragedy".

Of course I'm a bit surprised how anyone can be as kind as "no love for him" to such a disgusting "person".


I will treat him in life as I will treat him near and after death, with my indifference. Another man who's ideas I disagreed with who made no impact on my life.