Javazon tips

Javazon tips

My friend wanted some Javazon tips... I haven't made one since .09 in SC. Basically that build was "get Titan's, max fury and then do whatever the **** you want", so I thought you would give better advice.


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Max the lightning synergies for lightning fury (charged strike, powerstrike, lightning strike or something like that). Get a good decoy/valk. Dodge/Avoid/Evade are also very important, except depend on your play style you can neglect either one of them. Dodge > all. :)

That's basically it. A LF zon is meant for two things. MF and public Baal runs.
That's pretty much what I thought. Only two more questions: what is the standard weapon used and what are its requirements? I'd still imagine Titan's could work, but I haven't really seen too many other javs since .10.


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For a LF javazon...Titans is the weapon of choice. Thunderstroke has some merrits, but I guess 90% will use a Titans.

Of course IMHO if you want a pure javazon that can hold her own anywhere, I feel you only need to max LF, as the synergies give a measly 1% increased damage per level. I would suggest to Max LF and poison and Plaque. Gives you a good alrounder who can kill anywhere and works with basically any merc (Personally I am a big fan of Act 3 icemercs with FCR). You would have Physical damage (Valk), Cold (merc - they actually can kill) Poison (for LI's and a generally nice crowd softener) and LF. (20 LF, 20 Plaque, 20 Poison, less than 17 Valk and very few in D/A/E, using + skill equipment and +3 passive gloves to boost the skills)

If you rather max all the Lightning synergies, it is worth a try to melee with CS. In NM it is still safe and I use it also in hell about 50% of the time. CS and LS are amazing melee skills, and incredibly fast boss killer. For this hybrid melee/ranged build I use a Demons Arch. Gives some Fire damage if I need to fight a LI with jab. (this is also where some CB comes in handy) Again, High lv Valk (17), and here a might or HF merc. (20 CS, 20 LS, 20 LF, 17 Valk, as much D/A/E as you feel comfortable with. Build needs 127 str for the jav.)


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Thunderstroke is a worthless piece of junk, IMHO. Titan's still rules.

Some common Javazon builds:

LF + Charged Strike
LF + Plague Javelin
LF/Bowazon Hybrid

I played a LF/PJ zon. Basically you have to plague them and sit there while your merc handles it.


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More of a strategy tip than a build one: Tell your friend to use decoy excessively! I've seen quite a few javazons out there who doesn't even know how to use it and it, paired with valkyrie, is undoubtably one of the strongest features with the Amazon! So stress that!


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one skill that people often neglect is charged strike: this wonderful skill is undoubtly the fastest boss killing spell in the whole game (and dont start pointing to static field: all the other sorc spells pale in comparison to charged strike for the other half). this is one of the reasons to max out the synergies for lightning fury: they are co synergystic with charged strike.

thunderstroke is not nearly as useless as people think it to be. tstroke has only one purpose though: weapon switch for charged strike. the -enemy lightning resistance is huge when you're dealing ~30k cs damage (easily done even with poo gear. my old one had +8 to skills and dealt 36k).


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Paladuck said:
Thunderstroke is a worthless piece of junk, IMHO.
I suppose that term should be used for white cracked javelins... :lol:

If you have a Thunderstroke and really hate it, I'll be happy to relieve you of it


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det said:
If you have a Thunderstroke and really hate it, I'll be happy to relieve you of it
as would i, but i still think titans rock for all the wacky mods they give like fast run/walk etc lol


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My only character is a level 95 javazon.
Equipment is as follows, I have attempted to create a LF/CS Goddess.

Um'ed Gaze
Eth Up'ed Titans
Lightning Facet Arkaines Valor
P Diamond Stormshield
Rare all resist ring
+2 jav/3% ml gloves
Lower Resist wand (For Dclones)
10 Javelin charms

Basically all I do is baal runs, I don't even intend on picking up items either as you can see. I have one regret, I wish I never would have maxed valkryie, I don't really need her. Prior to my Baal days I would say my valk did save me in mfing runs, but now in baal runs Valk is completely useless, and I would have enjoyed placing more stats into LF synergies to increase my damage. If you plan on mfing, get valkryie, if not just max all synergies for LF and use CS as your melee attack it is insane against all monsters except lightning immunes.

I plan on getting Bul-Kathos and a 2 Socketed Crown of Ages to place Lit facets in.


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holy cow dune, thats one decked out amazon!

im still hoping to come across etheral titans and the runes to upgrade them lol silly non ethy non uped titans are fun for a while but just not what i immagine ethy ones would be ^_^


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Titans is a luxury, not necessary at all to make a successful javazon. Out of the 5 or more javazons I've ever made, only 1 ever had titans (softcore zon finally got them).

Synergies aren't necessary either.

You will get the most bang for your buck out of lightning fury by maxing pierce. Many people stop at about 10-12 points in pierce. I max it, but ignore the synergies for LF.

I'd like to compare damage output of a max pierce javazon vs a max synergy javazon with only a few points in pierce. I think the max pierce javazon would win, esp if she knows how to gather monsters.

In 1.10 it has become a good option to boost Valk to lvl 17 where she spawns with a warpike, and can almost do as much damage as your merc.

So if you want the most points available to spend on the options, put 20 in LF, 17 in valk, and 10+ in pierce (max is best). Thats less than 60 points giving you the option of going hybrid (bow skills) or boosting dodge, etc.

My equipment (lvl 86 javazon ladder):
Awesome rare circlet +1 skills, 15 resist all, 30 life, 30 Fast R/W - topazed.
110 dmg ceremonial javs with 6% mana steal and replenish
Rhyme grim sheild
Everything else MF with some resists (gloves, boots, rings, ammy).
Armor is 4 topaz 450 def - i used to use 800 def smoke but don't need it anymore.

I have max resists in hell (with charms) and about 250-300 MF. No group of 3 or more non-LI monsters takes more than 5 or 6 throws to wipe out in a 2-player game (I have a BO barb I sit in game with). In larger packs, of course they all die in one or two throws (the power of pierce + lots of enemies).

My merc and valk take out immunes fairly quickly and effectively, esp if I help them with slow missles against the archers.

I have low dex at 109 (just enough to equip my ceremonial javs with items). Before that I had about 50 dex. About 111 str with items (for my armor). Everything else vit.


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det said:
I suppose that term should be used for white cracked javelins... :lol:

If you have a Thunderstroke and really hate it, I'll be happy to relieve you of it
Det, I've got a couple of sets, try and find me online at *basketcase or *basketcase2 and I'll chuck one your way :)


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Doh i knew i was missing something on my javazon! pierce! I'm using razortail though and ill never get tgods so gg :)