javazon --> mavina's???


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javazon --> mavina's???

i'm making a javazon, so my question is, is it good to wear mavina's set when you are javazon? because it includes a bow...? if not what are better items for javazon than?


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This should be posted @ amazon forum and not here.. Ill ask a mod for movind then your post will be answered



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have u ever played this game, y would u use mavina for java, dumb question

sry for spitting fire but you obviously didnt even read the topics on the forum,


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If you can afford the full mav set, you can most likely afford the better jav gear listed here:

titan / SS(p.diamond or um)
20ias gloves (rare/loh/whatever)
t.gods / razortail
shako/gaze/rare +2 circlet
shaftstop/twitch throw

The only expensive items there are the Storm shield and the helmet you choose. That setup would still beat the crap out of full mavs for a pure javazon

If you are wanting a hybrid, you need to specify that in your post. For a hybrid wanting an attack other than lighting, get a KuKu bow and put a point or 2 in immolation arrow.

My javazon just uses her lvl 20 valk + might merc with my assisted jab to kill the light immunes.