javazon backup skill


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javazon backup skill

if im doing a javazon with LF and CS maxed im gonna need a backup skill to kill light immunes. whats the best way to go?

up'd titans and jab or fend?
psn javs (bleh?)
WWS or buriza and GA?
some other thing i havent thought of?

im thinking i will be using shako skulders(is it worht it to up it?) 184 titans spirit monarch CK boots and +2 jav gloves the rings and ammys will probably go to resists.


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i did fine with 1 pt jab, a few additional ias to get my weps bp up, and gore riders.

i used 2 different javelins with 180 melee damage, a rare hyperion and a demon arch.


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I second that. 1 pt jab should be good. Try it and see. If it doesn't work for you, then you have only wasted 1 point.


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A good proportion of physical immunes can have their immunity broken by using a lower resist wand on swap. Sometimes the effect lasts only a few moments but fast weapon switching does the trick.Using lightning facets and other items to lower lightning immunities also helps.Also equipping a merc with the infinity runeword works but might be seen as overkill.

My personal preferences are a LR wand early on and then upping the physical(and non lightning elemental damage) of the titans.To all intents and purposes my LF amazons become heavy duty skirmishers capable of positioning themselves to do maximum physical damage in addition to any lightning damage they may do.This is a response to playing hardcore at high levels where attempting to close to melee in the WSK can get you killed rather quickly.

There a very few creatures in the game that are both LI and PI immune certainly not enough to, in my opinion, warrant expenditure of skill points specifically to deal with them.