Java problem on mac


Java problem on mac

Okay, so I understand Mac OS X Tiger already has the whole java runtime and developer environment installed.

I've tested an easy "hello world!" style program already, so that is all good. Now, what I need is to import packages that aren't included in the original java software. These are TerminalIO.jar, BreezySwing.jar and TurtleGraphics.jar which I all have on my windows computer under the lib\ext folder. They all work fine when I import and use them in programs. I've tried to copy them over to my mac under the lib folder (there is no ext folder present) but the compiler says it cannot find such a package. So where am I supposed to put these things in order for them to work?



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try this from a terminal

export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/path/to/lib
That should add the lib directory to your classpath, can't remember whether you have to point to the actual .jar with .jar files. You might have to do that.


When having a Java problem on mac I suggest you hand him the coffee instead. Preferably with a slug of his choice of alcohol. :thumbsup:
I wish I had a bit more knowledge when it came to Java and Xcode.

Anywho the Terminal(command prompt) is in the utilities folder(found in Applications). I suggest dragging it to the Dock for quick access later.

There are a few differences in how you move around in a Unix terminal and the DOS prompt. Should cover the commands you need (making folders and moving between them) I am fairly comfortable with the command line, I just don't have much knowledge in Java.