java hybrid


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java hybrid

ok i'm making a pzn lighting zon.
The items i picked out are
HELM - Shako
ARMOR - CoH or some good zon gear (something cheaper)
WEAPON - thunder and spirit
WEAPON SWITCH- cta and spirit
BELT - vedungos
RING - bk
BOOTS - trekk
GLOVES - +2 java
AMMY - Maras

What I'd like to know is if i should change some of the items. and also i'd like to know what some of them are worth.


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gear looks decent but got a suggestion:)

helm: rare ama helm: +2 ama, 30 frw, (leech), resist
weapon: whats youre main attack poison or lightning
use titans thats a must on a throwing ama
shield: 4 options:
3 sox shield of deflecting with 3* 5/5 light die
3 sox shield of deflecting with 3* 5/5 poison die
storm with 5/5 light or poison die or a pdia for resist
belt: use thunder
ring: dual leech ring with resist, dex
boost: use WT best ama boots
ammy: highlords i prefer for all melee chars (if poison main dmg take mara, else highlords)
gloves: +3 java 20 ias

the main thing you need with that poison dmg is skills so as much skills you can get, and i made it kinda cheap on the shields as i doubt you can afford a jewelers ward (wich is 7 ist EUscL)

tell skills, stats and main attack

then i can help more:)


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pzn java
plague java
lighting bolt
power strike
Lighting strike
Critical strike
lighting fury

Stats i'm not sure on yet.. i think i might max block (75%) which would change my sheild to SS. and put rest in Vita

Vita: just like with a Elemental druid Max 3 point keep block maxed and point 2 into vita..
Dex: Max block so i'm going with SS as a sheild or a better sheild.
Eng: Base
Str: Enough for gear