jalas or 2/20/2 circlet


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jalas or 2/20/2 circlet

at the moment i have a 2skill/20fcr/2soc circlet with 2 shaels.

i was pondering if a jalas would be better. due to the skill. fhr. res and str.

this is for a wind druid.

my rings are a bk and 20dex raven.

mp enig.



trangs gloves

eth 12/12 Treks


and no ammy yet.

im trying to get one atm w/ skill/str/dex/res nofcr. although i would need it if i use jalas. what do you think?

Reticent Drappa

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Re: jalas or 2/20/2 circlet

If you can get an ammy with 20% fcr (good luck >.<), then I'd go with jalals as you'll hit the 99% fcr bp with other nice mods.
---If you cannot then I'd suggest removing the bk and using a 10% fcr ring in conjuntion with a 10% amulet (more realistic). :thumbsup: OR you can ofc just go ahead and use that circlet~!

It's ultimately up to you-- I think the main concern is hitting the 99% fcr bp. If he is pvm only then it isn't as necessary. I use 99% on my windy pvm though. It's all personal preference.

Idealistically you'd probably want a 5 nado helm with good mods and a 20% fcr amulet OR a 10% amulet and one 10% fcr ring-- both with good mods.

Keep in mind that if you aren't going max block (I assumed you were due to the raven and SS) you can of course use spirit shield for fcr and other nice mods.