jah rune gone poof in stash T.T


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jah rune gone poof in stash T.T

now that jah rune prob had stay in my stash for at least a day or 2
but it went poof after i went through a trade screen (and my jah rune is still in stash! it wasn't even in the trade table)
I knew all the hr is prob all duped, but is this suppose to happen?

i just feel bad since i spend loads of time to get that rune :(

sigh o well.....I'll just make faith when i get hold of another jah rune :/


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don't stash high runes (unless you find them yourself)

when you trade for them, use them up right away


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Ah, another person who has his/her first experience with the phenomenon that is significantly called "rune poofing"...
I have yet to experience this for the first time, although the mal I traded for recently on b.net just might as well poof on me someday.

BTW, welcome to the forums, keep a close eye on your belongings...

Steels Ganinia's mind while s/he is checking only physical belongings...

[edit] hmm, maybe I should look a little further than just postcount. your join date indicates you're not new here at all. sorry for my jumping to conclusions, and here's your mind back...


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You learn from your experience.
Like Leohappy said, next time after trade some high runes use it immediately so it will has less chance to poof :wink3:


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Your rune was certainly a dupe, and the other person probably had a Jah rune as well, and yours was detected as a dupe. If you get ahold of a high rune, you should socket it immediately in the item you want.

Sorry for your loss... I lost many high runes that way.

edit: Wow! 3 posts too late! :rolleyes:


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thanks for the reply guys....
ya this is the first time i got myself a hr......
this is a painful lesson to be learned

Evrae Altana

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If you must save HRs for whatever reason, stick them on a mule that doesn't enter public games. It's not 100% safe, but safer than having them on a main char that enters many games.