Jab amazon?


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Jab amazon?


i was thinking of making an jab amazon :)

and i have some questions.

1. Are they viable in pvp? or do they totally suck?

2. What gear should i use?

3. And what skills to max?

And this is only for pvp.
im bored with all regular builds so i thought i might try this one :)



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Haven't made a jabazon myself, but I have considered it a few times. My opinions/suggestions:

1. It's essentially a bad zealot with a missile attack unless u go hybrid, I've heard of them being good, but you're definately going to have limitations.

2. The most important thing is getting a high damage weapon (a lot harder than u'd think). Your options are Eth (and it really has to be eth) Titans with a decent ed% or godly eth rares. Other than that, standard melee gear i'd say, fort, ss, gores, dungos, dracs/rare/crafted java gloves, raven (s), highlords/angelics combo, max/ar/life charms

3. For pure jabazon I'd suggest max jab (obv), and most everything else in passives, with a fair amount in d/e/a as that will be your main advantage over other chars. Also of note, don't overlook innersight. the -def though a fixed amount is taken off your opp's def before enhanced defense is calculated so it can have quite an effect on pally's and other high def chars.