It's that time again!


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It's that time again!

Jeez, I'm waiting out a kick for xferring too fast. So gets me thinking:

One more time....

"Most annoying thing/people on Bnet" Thread!

1) Getting kicked for xferring too fast.
2) People that assume that because you are a level 90 MFing in NM, you are stupid and tell you that, then immediately turn around and ask for a PA.
3) WUGs
4) WUWs
5) Any trade where #3's are involved, and they either reply "Shako" or "SS" for their Um rune.
6) People that put you on their /f list after trading with you, and then use /f m to communicate with everyone (I swear, I'm gonna start stealing from you people in your xfer games; after all, I know your passwords!)
7) Anytime I'm trading specifically for PGems, and I tell people my list of things for sale, and they ask, "Got (insert Godly-impossible-to-find Unique/Set-item here) for Pgems?"
8) Anytime I'm bored and I help PA a group, they thank me add me to their /rush list and start /f m'ing me for a rush anytime they start a new character.
9) Anyone who wants a Zod for their "legit" Ist.
10) People who won't save Cain because he's available in all following acts, and then become bigger imbeciles because when they go to make public cow games, they can't get a leg and demand the first highest level character that joins to go save Cain for them.
11) Anytime I hear any comment from GFraizer about site improvements
12) Anytime I join public chat and the first comment that comes across the screen is about someone's mother, the ladder season ending, or asking for a quick "rush".

Ok, I feel better now.


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1) People killing diablo in public games on classic while you're trying to do such and such a quest...sometimes they slip in under my level restrictions >_<
2) People joining games like "A3 Start" and asking for every A2 wp. Specifically ones that tell me off because I didn't get the oasis or lost city WPs due to not wanting to run around the desert with no maphack looking for a WP so I can get back to a place I never want to visit again after finding the maggot lair entrance first....
3) People calling names due to some person not playing the same build 99% of their character's class uses. Hasn't happened to me recently as the last 3 characters I've done have been cookie cutters to the max, but it still bothers me to see it happen to others.
4) When you've just run/tele'd to the throne with no BO/MH and are trying to hold back monsters at the same time as convincing everyone up there that your TP is safe. If you die to a trapped TP, well, don't come into baal run games wearing full MF next time =/


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1) A throne of destruction with Dolls, oblivion knights and gloams
2) Mana burn gloams
5) "Hey sorc, rush me thru hell?"
6) TJ


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1) Hey sorc, teleport all the way to the throne room while we sit useless in town.
2) "Omg you died, you noob"
3) People that ask you to rush them constantly.
4) People who make "free godly stuff" games while they really intend to pk.
5) "Rush me for this really godly item". Can I see the item? "no"
6) Ranged monsters
7) People who use pickit


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LMAO Vin! That #6 is hilarious. And you know what's funny? He'll never read that here, or anywhere. I'm convinced he can't read.


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I am a newb to the forums but here goes.

1. WUW followed by WUG...this is more idiotic than I can even comprehend with my verbal skills. I beleive it was Samuel L Jackson who said "English mother****er, do you speak it?!?"

2. Anyone claiming that they deserve free items because their account was 'hacked'. I am happy to help when I can if I see that you are out killing monsters/trying to help yourself.

3. Rudeness. In any way racism, sexism, doesn't matter BNET is a community, act like it.

4. Players who party but do not help...I just hate that.

Hope you folks agree.


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1. B.Net Lobby

2. Spam Bots entering games and telling me to shop at

3. FE/LE/Cursed/Coviction aura bosses

4. My comp for dropping the fps to below 2 whenever a Gloam attacks

5. Working shiftwork so that I am always playing at different times. Here it is 0130 and I am still at work. Who is going to be on to play with at this time?


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10thattempttoregister said:
WUW = What You Want

WUG = What You Got
You just ruined his life by telling him what they mean.

I try everytime to forget what they mean but to no avail.....


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I just assume that they are trying to revive their long lost, but not forgotten Lancers by making grunting sounds...


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Here's my quick list from what I can think of:

1. Blizzard's decision to enforce party play.
2. Temporary IP ban for rejoining with another char too fast.
3. Anyone else that plays this game, with the exception of a handfull of people that I have met in GAT, over these forums, or in the grand total of the two public games I have played in.
4. Trading in general.
5. Cheaters (although these do not generally concern me as I almost exclusively play solo).
6. PK's. If it weren't for non consentual hostile, I would play public games. As it is, I have found that for every one game in which there isn't a PK, there are 20 in which there is one. In gereral, the people playing with you are more of a danger than the actual game you're playing.
7. Rare War Hat.
8. Claw Viper Bone Spear (haven't hit Hell A4 Gloams yet, and have decent LR in NM).
9. Melee characters being so hopelessly difficult.
10. The use of the word "***" in any context other than satire.
11. The use of AOL-ese in any context other than satire. LIEK OMFG WTF ROFFLE!!!11 KEKEKEKKEKE!!111


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1. Cain, stay a while and listen
2. Blood moor, i know you can lvl up nicely at lvl 1 from there but i just hate it.. dunno why
3. L33t's
4. Spammingbots
5. Not being able to play as much as i would like ; ;)


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1. Chicken Hack

2. Lazy people who use /f m to talk to a friend while your mfing or just playing in general.

3. The fact that to complete this game you will need to be partied to do so doesnt apply to all the caster builds, only melee builds.

4. Dupes and hacks on the realm in general.

5. Any pk twice the level of the targets.

6. Triggers of any kind.

7. Anyone laughing when someone else dies in a public game either leveling or questing. Especially high level charachters. PK deaths excluded.

8. Someone I dont know whispering me for a PA in the trade channel.

9. Spambots of anykind.

10. Pickit


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1.) my slow computer
2.) my dialup connection
3.) my 200-400 average ping
4.) the fact that i cant play in a game more then 10 minutes without connection interrupted

because of 1-4, leads to these:

5.) necros who use bw or summons when my 93 trapper is helping my friends cow to lvl 25
6.) leechers who take drops
7.) see number 5, except for hurricane/armageddon druids when im power baaling friends

8.) when a public baal run is dumbfounded / arguing over which sorc will tele to the throne with no bo, meanwhile im in the throne alone ready to put up a tp with an assassin
9.) when a public baal run doesnt have a barb and everyone leaves

10.) public games in general

11.) when i pk or almost pk someone and they rejoin with a lvl 80 and go "lezt duel now noob!!!1(shift+1)

12.) chicken users in duels.. especially ones who deny it (I ALT EF4D NEBW) "but you rejoined 3 seconds later?"

theres plenty more...


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Corndog said:
7. Anyone laughing when someone else dies in a public game either leveling or questing. Especially high level charachters. PK deaths excluded.
I mean Pkers who die. Not people they pk. After reading it again, I though hmmm sounds like I like people being pk'd and didnt want to convey the wrong message.


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Corndog said:
7. Anyone laughing when someone else dies in a public game either leveling or questing. Especially high level charachters. PK deaths excluded.
The others on that list I agree with, but you gotta make some exceptions on # 7. I don't need to list them all, but here's a few deaths that are just plain hilarious:

(1) Player XXX joins game, hostiles party. A few pop TPs, run to town. Someone invites, player joins. Player XXX takes TP down to WS, no questions asked. "Player XXX was slain by viper".

(2) Druid hassles sorc to tele to Throne, while he runs Eldritch. Sorc finally does, after a couple narrow escapes w/ gloams (no MH), manages a TP. Says "2", tries to clear a little. Druid instantly enters TP , but has been farting around in game so long, pops out of wolf form. "Druid was slain by doll"

(3) Player XXX hostiles party. "Player XXX was burning archer"

A little while later:
Spearazon:"OK, hit the last seal, but stay out of the way"
"Player XXX was slain by Diablo"

(5) And last, but not least "Player XXX was slain by a trap"

Ahh, yes. Good times. Oh, wait, this was supposed to be a "most irritating thing about bnet post", wasn't it? Well, then I'll have to go with

"Player XXX has joined the game. Diablo's forces grow stronger."


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___ said:
12.) chicken users in duels.. especially ones who deny it (I ALT EF4D NEBW) "but you rejoined 3 seconds later?"

theres plenty more...
lol yep, 90% of people who duel in hardcore use chicken hack.