It's t-t-t-Tuesday!


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It's t-t-t-Tuesday!

RL: An hour and a half into Tuesday here and things are already looking up, my morning class for tomorrow (today actually, but I still have to sleep, so sort of tomorrow... confusing I know.) has been canceled, which is just plain awesome because it means I have a good 3 more hours to work on homework, and boy howdy I sure do have a lot! I need to resist the urge to sleep in and waste it all though!

D2: Joined a dueling tourny type thing with the old HC crowd I used to hang out with on Everyone has to make a level 9 Barb to fight to the death with. No mercs, no charms, nothing more then a Norm rush, and no pre-buffing. Anyone have any hot ideas? At first I thought Bash, but then decided maybe Double swing synergized by bash, and then I thought throwing would rock, but will only be able to put 3 points in throw mastery by level 9. Of course I gave away all my gear when I quit too, so I'm just going to be using what I found on my way to level 9.

As far as SP goes I've been running Hell Meph whenever I get a chance. Found a cold facet which most of you probably know, and I found 2 tgods, 1 in 1 game, and then the 2nd in the very next game. Still no Viper Magi though.

Has anyone finished their Christmas shopping yet? I certainly have not.



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I will be few days offline. I am going to hospital. Knee arthroscopy.

Hp_Sauce: I have bought only 1 present so far. I usually finish my Xmas shopping on DEC-23 :wink3:


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@Hp-sauce, IMO, 1xMelee-Mastery, 1xLeap, the rest in bash.

And I've already finished most of my Xmas shopping. Remaining gifts:
- I need to get a picture printed and framed for my friend the former ski-instructor (who's given me free lessons and advice for the past year+). I took a good pic of him skiing last winter, so I figure a nice print and frame will make a good gift.
- I also need to mail a package back to NS, but that's not too bad since our office is 1/2 block from the post-office.
- Finally, I do have to take a trip to the liquor store :grin: - but if I purchase any of those gifts before the 22nd, there's a chance the presents won't make the big day. :wink3:

@hrus, Sorry to hear that - I've had 2 knee-scopes myself. They suck (just like any surgery).

RL: Work. I'm trying to convince myself that it's better to get my butt out of bed and go in early to get it over with (it makes getting up for skiing on the weekends easier). I can't stand the place though, so it's easier to sleep in and show-up late (flex-hours, FTW) and leave early.

D2: Nope. I think I'm mostly done with it. You'd never know by the amount of spam I post around here, but I haven't played more than 15-20 minutes per week lately. PvM just isn't doing it for me anymore - it's a case of 'been there, killed that, got the screenie'. I'll try a little PvP, but once Skunkbelly's tourney ends I might consider taking a break from playing for a few months.


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RL - Trying my best to dodge the end of the year work party (I'll probably just stay away in the end). I work with these people, I have no desire to party with them!! No Christmas shopping as of yet. Possibly will get nobody anything ( been doing it for a couple of years and people seem to get used to it).

D2 - My hunter drood is doing well, although he just finished A1 Normal everything is going pretty smooth. His summons are monsters and he will only invest in the summons tree. Hoping to get a high lvl of ravens in the end (will pump with points last) as the blinding effect is o so effective.

@Hrus: GL with your arthroscopy.




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RL: Haven't been around for a few days. Had a nice Thanksgiving, Sorsha came up and we went to my sister's for dinner (my brother-in-law is a professional chef :grin: ). Ordered our wedding bands on sunday, they should be in by the end of the week. Really don't want to go to work today. That about sums it up.

Oh, and with getting the new apartment, and the wedding still to save for, I don't think anybody's getting christmas presents this year. :undecided:

D2: Played a bit yesterday, got Thena my LF/PJ zon to NM pindle. Probably run him for a level then continue on.

Kinda down in the dumps lately, no motivation to really do anything. Ah well.


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RL: Kind of stressed out, working hard as hell in school atm, while i will be gone at thursday-sunday at world's biggest local area network-party.

D2: Still enjoying my position in 1.07, where i now have my golden shako. 40% life isnt too shabby. but im disappointed not more ppl had said it's good. to me, it's better than that darn tyraels.

Thinking of building a pvp charger, using that tyraels. still havent made up my mind, would be nice though, entering a game using tyraels, named tyrael.


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RL : Nothing much , just resting

Diablo : Finally decided on a build for the pvp tourney so been working on that


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RL - High school is easy when you only have 3 classes... just basketball every day stinks. Since I leave early at 10:20 I have to come back up to school at 2 for practice, oh well.

D2- Got my IK barb through nightmare, need to figre out how I'm going to level him from 66 to 76 in either act 5 nm or act 1 hell... his resists are looking TERRIBLE right now, all at least -30 or lower. I need that armor..


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RL - Worked today, nothing too exciting, had an interview yesterday though, hopefully I'll get the job and I'll get a nice big pay rise :smiley:

D2: Working on my Necro still, through to Hell LK, has been extremely uneventful so far, no NDEs from Act1 Normal to Act3 Hell, if I'm lucky, it will stay that way until the end :smiley:

@HiTeknology: It should be easy to level to 76 in Act5 NM if you can run Baal at players8, if not you could maybe try Pit runs in Act1 Hell but your chance to hit would be horrendous due to the level difference.


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I would be further along in my x-mas gifts (I do a lot of it in the after X-mas sales or I make my suncatchers for the littles) but Goltar got strep throat over Thanksgiving and I've been at the house to take care fo him. He's feeling better now but the nurse at the clinic was afraid he was getting an abcess (which would mean lots of $$ at the emergency room) and he was having trouble swallowing so I didn't want to leave him alone for more than 20 minutes to go pick up his 'scrips.

D2: too much baking/shopping/sleeping to play


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Is it that time again already?!? <complain, gripe, whine>

I hate shopping in the first place, plus everyone I know just goes out and buys what they want, even if its the week before Christmas. How do you shop for people like that?

I guess I should think about getting started at some point in the immediate future.

RL: Trying to stay warm. Your daily title is very appropriate.

D2: Working on my new Windy druid. Just got hurricane last night, so now he is cruising along much faster.


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RL: Very busy at work with lots of overtime. Finishing early tomorrow though as I am going to see Casino Royale and then a few beers with my son.

D2: Would-be IK Barb is L68 in Act 4 NM. Like HiTeknology I am missing the IKSC, so other characters are running the usual targets in the faint hope of one dropping.

Xmas: Turkey and Ham ordered, alcohol been stocking up on gradually. I'm getting my wife's presents this weekend from a local gallery, my son wants money as he is going to Florida in the new year and my daughter will choose her own clothes and present me with the bill.


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RL --> Lost the internet sometime around Thanksgiving... Tis the reason I haven't been posting.

D2 --> With my extended "no forums" time, I had more time to work on 2 builds... Of course, I started my IK Barb, and also rebuilding my Enchantress ... Rage (IK Barb) is in NM Act II (yuck!!!) and Flare (Enchantress) is working on Norm Act V... Both are doing well... I'm glad I didn't put any pts into VIT this time... the faster ES is helping A LOT... Will post a progress thread when they hit Act IV Hell...


*EDIT* @Atil --> IMO, do Hell Pindle... Quick runs, easy target, better chance... Again, that's IMO...


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Forgot to add getting ready to see Richard Ashcroft tomorrow evening so i am looking forward to that :grin:


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Home from work, so...

@Hitek: My characters with high level equip usually run pindle to about 71, have gone as high as 73, but even on /p8 it starts slowing down too much for me, so just get that far, and you should hit 75/76 by the time you're setting foot in Hell, so no trouble there!

IMHO of course!


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I thought I was leaving the forums for a little while... Well, I did say I'd spam up the dailies... :evil:

RL: got some assignments to do, which are due one week from today. I've got a Micro$oft Access assignment >.<, M$ Excel, web page construction... Quite a few piling up really... THey're really not too bad though

D2: Deleted everything (stashes, chars etc). I've implemented a full restart on HC. I created seven characters, one of each class, and levelled them all up to level 7. I then backed up my characters, and uninstalled the game. When I come back, I've got myself a septiverate (sp?) to look forward to...

I figured I would go for some setups I've never played, and try to avoid the cookie-cutter builds for my triumphant return...

Obsidian_Fury: Charged Strike and Jabbazon
Obsidian_Dreams: Phoenix Striker 'Sin
Obsidian_Spirit: Bone Spirit Necro
Obsidian_Fist: Berzerker Barb
Obsidian_Hammer: Cheese-a-Din (never actually played one... o_O)
Obsidian_Storm: Firewall and Lightning sorceress (wanted to go for a different combo of elements)
Obsidian_Bite: Werebear druid, with wolf summons.

Some (hopefully) good characters to look forward to, upon my return...