It's official I'm here

It's official I'm here

For the longest time I've played, and single player and i've finally discovered this site. I used to have quite a bit of wealth on and when I moved from there to single player that wealth was missed. I used editors and downloaded items to have some fun.

Now, for the good stuff. About 4-5 weeks ago I started attending school and I discovered this site. Since then I have started a full restart and am going to be completely legit and self found. As of right now i have about 5 characters already, but nothing special. Lots of low levels, but I like the variety. As of now I have a paldin, necromancer, a sorceress, and an assasin started. Everything but the sorceress is under level 20, but the sorceress is somewhere in the mid 30's so i can eventually magic find.

And finally, at school I study graphic communications, I'll be 21 in april and that is about it. I'll be playing 1.11 vanilla. I doubt I'll do any trading, because like I said, I want to remain self found, but I really would love to interact with the community, so I guess hello to all.


Hey welcome to the forums Frozen orb!
Many of us play self found as well. Doesn't it feel nice when you press Alt and all of a sudden there is a Gold colored Conrona laying on the ground? Brings tears to my eyes (it would if i could find one -.-)

I know just how you feel, I too need human interaction. Singleplayer sometimes get's boring without that nice long Friends list to keep you company. Oh well, we still have fun.

If your up for starting a new character give me a PM as i'm thinking of making my concentrate barb finally.


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i'm able to kick every imaginable thing. you only saw my boots,but you don't even imagine my kicking gear.
*bite Suiling*


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welcome to the spf enjoy your stay and dont give nebux cookies

@suiling you would be supprised what you can kick :) kicking a frozen orb is like kicking a football thats bin the the freezer

*kicks nebux for biting an eu*


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tsk tsk. Biting Suiling!
*Gets Suiling some first aid and potions to remove the pain. Hope that helps.*

Anyway. Hello Frozen Orb :wave: and welcome to the SPF. Have a drink on me in the EMB.


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Welcome to the Forum. Please excuse the madness, it sort of happens on a Wednesday. Or a day ending in 'y', I forget which. Mind you don't poke anyone's eye out with a stray shard, eh?