It's official, Blizzard is working on a new Diablo project


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The minions of Hell are growing stronger...

We're working on a new, unannounced Diablo project. Are you a skilled Dungeon Artist? Come work with us, and together we will build something exceptional.
Hopefully the new Diablo doesn't suck like Diablo III. I purchased pre-ordered D3 Collector's Edition and own both D3 CE Vanilla and D3 CE RoS, logged on launch day 3 AM EST, bunch of errors, eventually we got in. Got to level 10 on SC so that I could make a HC char, and then it was off to the races. It was pretty fun and interesting for like 1-2 months, but it quickly became boring and I stopped playing (I played 1.00 to a little bit after 1.03 nerf patch). After that I didn't play again until the smart loot came out in 2.0.. it was interesting. I quickly stopped playing, and then only came back for like 1 week when RoS came out and I gave it another shot by buying the game even though it disagreed with my philosophy on no longer buying games that force you to go online.. RoS wasn't that interesting to me either, and I should have known better since the game has fundamental design problems in the first place.. I was too hopeful... and yea it got better since they removed the AH (I wanted an auction house and am still in favor for it, but not the way that Blizzard implemented it.. they shouldn't have revolved the entire game around it.. that was the problem, and also RMAH.. nope). The entire game itself has fundamental design problems IMO. Stats, Skills, Infinite Respec (via just going to town and not actually having skill points.. and no.. paragon points is not what I'm talking about, that was just their attempt to bring something D2 like back to D3). Infinite respec is fine if they implement it with limitations. Let's take Grim Dawn as an example, Grim Dawn has a "skill buy back system", which means that you can visit an NPC in town where you can "buy back" points from your skill tree. The cost of buying that point would increase the more you respec from what I remember. The goal being that you will have plenty of time and opportunities to respec your character, but eventually (if you screw up enough), it will be cost prohibitive to do it. I think most people that are playing a specific character with the goal of keeping their particular build, should not run out of money to respec.

The other limitation with their respec is that you cannot respec your stat points at all, and you cannot lower your skill mastery points below 1. The thing with the way Grim Dawn is designed is that when you make a character, it doesn't have any class, you have to put a skill point into the "Mastery" for that particular class' skill tree in order for you to be able to put further points into the tree. So preventing respec from lowering the mastery bar below 1 means that you are in effect saying that you cannot respec your class selection, which makes sense since then someone could level up to 100 with some Necromancer/Soldier (Death Knight) combination and then just respec completely to a Occultist/Arcanist (Warlock) which is just too much. I think stat points should be allowed to be bought back and respec, and the skill points as well (except for going below 1 point), and just have it so it keeps getting more and more expensive. You can even make it so that the currency isn't "iron bits" but some other type of stuff.

So for Diablo II, instead of having a flat out respec option through den of evil 3x, and then having infinite respec through essences, it would have been better if Akara would allow you to buy back your stat and skill points. Gold is basically useless in D2 so you could either:

1. Make the price per point really high so that gold is more valuable
2. Use some other type of item as currency (I think an SOJ is too much since I'm thinking about Single Player, so for us these items aren't just falling out of thin air). I think maybe offering some type of rune that higher than Sol (lets say), might do the trick.

Logically speaking, Hel rune is already used for "unsocketing" an item, so I would say you could use a Hel rune (or a few of them, lets say 6 hel runes allows a respec for skills? stats? or both?).

That's just one of the things. The other thing that is an absolute no-no for me is that the game cannot be online only. It's ridiculous that people are forced to log online for a game they paid. If you bought the game, you own it (yes you can say "license" but honestly.. I paid for the game so I should be able to play it whenever I want, mod it offline, etc). If a player gets banned for whatever reason, the person literally cannot play the game at all.. they lost their money. In D2, if you get banned from bnet, you can still play the entire game on Single Player which is fine. You also have to take into consideration that if the D3 server ever goes offline (maybe 15 years? 25 years?.. people been playing Diablo 1 for 20 years already, and D2 for 18 years, so it isn't a crazy idea that people would play D3 25 years out), people won't be able to play D3 at all.. this would require people to reverse engineer the game and create a D3 private server so that you could connect to your "own local server" for single player, which is just too much. If Blizzard wants to charge money for the purchase of the game, they need to allow people to be able to play the game offline/single player. If they want to have always online drm, then they need to go the Path of Exile model and make the game free to play with a cash shop. I can't justify paying for a game that requires you to go online, and I'll never buy a game again that forces me to go online to play it at all. Diablo III was the game that made me have this strong stance against this type of development/sales model.

There are a lot of other things I can complain about regarding D3 (Basing everything off weapon dmg, not allowing people to put their stat points, no skill trees, ridiculous level off unique types where you can get an unique but then there are like 5 other higher tier versions... just make the item hard to get and let people feel good about even finding it.. Example: If I find a shako, I'm already extremely happy for finding it, there doesn't need to be some Sacred version of the Shako).
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It's not too late for that already?

Btw, looking forward to something new in the Diablo universe. D2 is still so awesome, and while I agree that D3 has some major flaws preventing it from keeping me interested, it still does some things extremely well too. So something new in the Diablo universe could actually become something really good.