It's Monday, right?


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It's Monday, right?

I can't seem to pin down the daily thread when I see one, it just disappears! That being said, I haven't actually seen a current one so here goes :)

It's ANZAC Day today.

In D2 land, OpheliaZ is lvl 73 and repeatedly killing Pindle in NM for the exp and the very slim possibility of a nice drop. Since rescuing Anya, no other progress has been made - I want to level her but I am a bit too apprehensive to venture further just yet. She might head back to Meph to see how she goes there (MF-wise) but I don't know yet.

To give Ophelia a break and reduce the possibility of a silly death (ie. one from too much playing), I've started my second Septavirate character, a Fishymancer :) (Voodoo) - currently at lvl 18 and about to head into the Catacombs for the first time.

-- Michelle


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If you can do it ... go to Act1 Hell and run Pits for great XP and potential items. That's where the real treasure hunting starts apart from NM Meph at your current level.

As for me, i'm working tonight so if it's quiet (knock on wood) i'll get in some quality MF'ing and questing.

Think i'll Mat my LF/Witchyzon tonight. Been putting her off. Damn, that LF is uber cheese against anything not Lightning Immune ... even on P8. The Witchwild String with it's magic arrows and ctc amp damage for anything PI. What a combo.

If I have time i'll Pat my IK Barb. Finally got the whole set on and it's pretty effective for p3-5 on Hell although i'm sure he can do p8 for most of Hell. It'd be more difficult for Act4 and Act5 with Oblivion Knights. Trying to Beserk those guys while fending off the mobs with Howl can be dangerous and a real pain in the patookus. Having a merc with a Reaper's Toll for the ctc Decrep really, really helps the physical damage.


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Been out of the picture quite much lately as my girlfriend is finalising her final thesis and I've been without net access for a few weeks. Luckily I've got a laptop so that I've still been able to play D2. :D

In D2 I've been venturing with avenger, he's lvl 77 and in A2 Hell now. Just got Viper Amulet yesterday. Avenger seems to be quite cheesy, at least so far.

Have a good week, all!


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bill_n_opus - You can definately finish the game with your IK Barb on Players 8.

... in which over the weekend I Pat'd my IK Barb. I played the whole game on Players 8 and except for the OK's, the game was pretty easy (even Gloams). I even did the ancients on P8 with one death - I was trying to check their stats and the leaper 1 hit killed me. Otherwise I tanked them and didn't even use a potion. I think in all I took about 10 deaths (not bad for me) with 6-7 of them from OK's. I finished at level 87 without redoing areas (except after turning off the game) and blowing through a lot of Act 5.

Afterwards I did some MF runs, mostly Baal and came up with 4 grailers, the most I've found in a really long while. I found my first Azurewrath in the WSK and also found Black Hades, Steel Carapace and Bartuc's Cut Throat.
Well today i had possibly the most boring morning of my life. 2 hours straight of theory ICT. and not just any theory, but theory...on spreadsheets.:yawn:
That was followed by 1 1/2 of business studies, which as it turned out, was a test i forgot to revise for. :grrr:
And, to make matters worse, it was rainign heavily in the morning and i habve a hole in my shoe.:rant:
But D2 wise its going fine, got my digglerdin further into act 1 hell and hopefully will soon be dueling people.
Oh, and tomorrow is my birthday. <hint><hint>


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My blizz sorc, Lady Zriya is now ready to kill hell Diablo. Got a Io from hellforge :( . The big guy will not survive today :evil: .

My geddon/bear druid is in act 5, normal, and going slowly in /players8... And I have just started a new frenzy barb (I've played 2 frenziers before this one, with swords and axes. This will use maces). The begin of the game is too easy with the barb, even in players 8.They are very much fun (before hell...).


Matt'ed my witchzon, Cheddar, yesterday. Thinking about putting together a Tarzan-like character. I'm thinking a dagger-wielding druid, only leather armor and pelts. Or, a barb, dagger wileding, with leap attack, concentrate and iron skin. The barb would probably be truer to form, what with the tarzan yells he can do. If only I could summon a troop of monkeys to do my bidding, this would be the perfect game.

- Noodle


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I started playing my first Sorc last week. This morning I made lvl 60. Metorb, extra cheesy, but oh so much fun!! I managed to scrape some awesome gear together for her. she is in LC A3 nm and crusing fast on players 8. I've never gone through the game so fast.

I got an oppertunity to visit a co-op recording studio yesterday. It was very cool. Musicians from all over Portland, Oregon record over other musicians that were recorded earlier to produce a piece of music. Looks like I'll get a chance to contribute (I'm a keyboard player) to the project and learn a little about recording in the process. Very exciting!! :clap:
Just got back from working on my Sea Scout ship, loads of hard work.... but fun(painting, grinding, coresealing rust spots ect.) Played the summoner last night for a bit got him to anya on p8. btw what is the best golom to use? I use a blood golem cause of the high damage and life steal, is any other one better?
and i am still using my HA act 2 merc(original merc) he is lvl 50 and does a K dmg.
later :yawns:


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what is ANZAC Day? (Dude, I like, learn about so many, like, cultures and stuff here)

Sorry, my brain is fried and I've gotten to the hell forge in the Z prize tourney. But I still have to do in big D. That will prob what I'll be doing all day and most of this evening. Poor idjit can't kill anything decently and I'm not getting exp much anymore because my level is too low, so I've decided to run NM Baal somemore.


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Got myself a good map seed on NM meph (Hc cons barb untwinked 74lvl).
With 373 mf(including merc) i take 1min and 30 s to run him, i hope for guliams face and gore riders "searching for specific item"!! ;) Only then i will get my ass into hell, no sooner :)


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PinkeyandtheBrain said:
btw what is the best golom to use? I use a blood golem cause of the high damage and life steal, is any other one better?
and i am still using my HA act 2 merc(original merc) he is lvl 50 and does a K dmg.
later :yawns:
I like the Clay Golem for the slowing effect. Especially on bosses. Add a Kelpie Snare to your merc and most Act bosses get in 6 or 7 hits total before they die. Do yourself a favor and get a might merc. It'll speed up your killing alot. ;)


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Might is nm Offensive Merc. I took my summoner to Patriarch and when ever my Merc died there was a noticable loss of killing speed. I think If you try it you'll like it. And the nm Merc should be pretty close to lvl 50 when you get him.


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LeorictheDark said:
No Kidding. Small world. How do you like California? I couldn't do it. I like the rain too much. ;)
I miss the rain the most and only like the winters here, not really winters, more like heavy fog season. Fresno wasn't much different than Mac when I moved here, in persuit of a girl, big mistake. Both are/were farming communities, Fresno was just much larger. Now there's 4 freeways and the nearest farm is 20 miles away.