It's finally happened.


Frenzied Bovine said:
How do you KNOW the acc/email is correct?

You do realise that this guy could have just changed the email for account recovery to just about anything else, don't you?

Chances are the email got sent - to him.

Good god, NEVER, EVER give out your password - to anyone.
Because if you want to change the email to someones account. It sends an email to the one registered to confirm it.


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FiNaLoRgYkKzOn said:
I'll probably never be as rich as I was before, and how can you make a Hammerdin when you're asking for an Occy?

In 1.09 I had just about anything and everthing for multiple characters, Tal's Set, several shakos-gaze-arreats, perfect windforce, SS and much more. Then 1.10 came out I just hit the delete character multiple times :surprise:

It's fun doing it all over from scratch.


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I know that story..Trust someone, Lose stuff..Good thing i have very trustworthy friends now, I've known most of the people i play d2 with for 2-3 years now..I could transfer 40 zods with them and they wouldnt take one.