It's Back. PvP Week 14.


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PvP Week 14

PvP week 14 is here. Join in, make new friends. And try to kill them.

When will PvP week be?
Saturday 11th to Friday 17th April 2014

What is PvP Week?
I think after all the PvP weeks we have done already most people know by now. It is a week of PvP games, intended to be a friendly way to introduce new players to high level duelling. I used to write that it was non competitive, but who am I kidding? Everyone wants to win. Let’s just say it isn”t a competition. If you are new to PvP but worried about getting smeared all over the Blood Moor, don’t be. Your new character may have a steep learning curve, but it is everyone’s interests that you enjoy it and keep playing. Players can split into teams to even out skill levels. Don’t expect to win every duel either though :)

What happens in PvP Week?
- You will get the best idea by reading the write ups from all the previous PvP weeks - see the list at the bottom of this post.
- The idea is a PvP game, every night, for a week. You don’t have to play every night, but you can.
- PvP week is all about high level, bad manners rules duelling, hell difficulty on The Blood Moor.
- You can ask any questions in this thread or The PvP Thread
- Please make sure your characters are up to date in The PvP Thread
- Traditionally we write up the games so that people know what goes on. Normally the person who writes the report has to explain that despite everyone else over powered gear, their under powered character somehow managed to kill everyone.

I want to have a go, but I have never played PvP before - How do I get started?
If you want to play but haven”t played before, are here to help you. We can even supply the gear and the character! All you need to do is ask for help in this thread or the The PvP Thread.

The Rules
- We play in 1.13d.

If you haven”t PvPed in a while, check the rules. These are quite new.

General PvP rules:
1. Mana potions are allowed for all classes (except for the ES sorceress).
1. a) It is allowed to drop potions in front of blood moor entrance. Same applies to arrows.
2. No minions that cannot be summoned in town with the exception of Decoy.
3. Replenish life is capped at 50.
4. Slow is capped at 10%.
5. Poison damage from charms is not capped at all.

6. Banned skill are: Slow Missiles, Holy Freeze, Mediation, Prayer, Cleansing, Iron Maiden, Decrepify, Bone Prison, Life Tap and Clay Golem. Those skills are banned in any form or shape, regardless of their source. (Doom, Exile, Lawbringer etc)
6. a) Items containing banned skills charges aren’t banned but using those charges is. (Marrowwalks, Sanctuary etc)
7. Cold Mastery is capped at one point only for Blizzard sorceress class.
8. All charges from items are allowed, with exception of banned skills. (Oak from Hoto is allowed, Wolves from Crescent moon are allowed)
8. a) Lower resists from wand charges is only allowed in team duels.
9. No recasting of Cyclone Armor. You can re-cast Bone Armor though.

10. Maximum resists are capped at 85 without any absorb.
11. 75 resists + 20% absorb is allowed, 80 resists + 12% sorb is allowed.
12. Two Ravenfrosts are allowed as long as you have 175 cold resists or less.
13. Banned items: 1.07 LoH, Rising Sun, Blackoak Shield, Hotspurs, Thundergod”s Vigor.
14. Resistance stack is not counted as absorb.

15. Call to arms can be used from stash for all classes (no buffing with any additional items, including shields; just gear you use)
16. ES can be prebuffed with maximum two items
17. Prebuff is fine for low tier pvp characters (Cold armor sorcs, wolfbarbs, fuzzydodgers etc)

So What Is This Thread For?
Any questions, pre-match banter, post-match analysis, videos, screenshots, basically anything that you like related to PvP Week.

I’m not going to do a sign up table, but if you are in, please post. Especially if you can help with the hosting.

Previous PvP Weeks
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Wow, it's sad how empty this forum is. If I have time, I might jump in at the weekend. Only if timezones would be better for me.


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I'd love to have joined, but sadly that's the one week I'll be travelling to attend a wedding and see some family. Have fun though guys!


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I'd be glad to join but i need to reset my skills on my blizz sorc.
I've never done the thing where you cube essences.
Anybody want to give me some info?


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Find Essences from Andarial, Mephisto, Diablo and Baal. Put one of each into the cube and hit transmute. Now you have the Token, right click it for restatting and reskilling.


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Yeah it's a bit empty but I'll be there for pvp week. Too bad most oldies are gone but if someone new wants to join he can toss me/grip/nulio pm and we'll try to make you some pvp build if you are interested.


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14 already? Hohoho PvP has reached high school.

I got... 1,2,3... 6 new characters to play with. Actually 3 are new, while 3 are variations on builds I already used.
Anyway, hope to see more players during pvp week than on regular pvp hosting night.


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Welcome to PvP to all new people.

Froz already said it, but I'll repeat it. If there is anyone who would like to try PvP, but is having problems with deciding what character to use, how to plan and build character, or is missing some parts of equipment (15 fcr ammy?), feel free to say it in here, or in Pvp Thread, or just toss Froz/Nulio/me pm.
I can also give leveling tips to reach your desired level faster. Anything you need, just don't be shy and say your needs to us so we can help you out. There is still plenty of time left till PvP week, you have time to level up and build your characters.


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I'm glad to see more people wanting to join the games. And like frozzzen and gripphon already said, if needed we can send gear your way if you lack some pieces of gear for some char you'd love to try.

For those you'll have a hard time to join cause of timezones if need be I can try hosting in later hours.
This if maxicek doesn't leave his host up 24/7 like he did once iirc (?)


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Not sure if I will host 24/7 or not yet. The only trouble is with keeping the game up is that I think it means people many be played out by the evening time.

What does everyone else think?


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What are the precise rules for prebuffing? I can fully understand a limit on buffing with stash items. What about an item that I carry around in my inventory?
Example: A bowazon with standard bow/jav+SS equipment. They can pick up a CTA from their stash and cast BO. What if they have a spirit in their inventory instead of two skill charms? Can they swap that spirit for their SS?
What if the amazon has a bow/jav + spirit setup and has a SS in their inventory that they equip after the duel starts?

Are the limits specifically on the number of items that move between stash and player, or must a character play the full duel with an item setup that does not differ by more than X items from the point at which their buffing spell was cast?

If a character caries their CTA through the duel (or are a barb and can cast BO) can they buff with alternate stash items? Does this vary depending upon whether the barb uses a CTA as a part of their BO buff? What about items carried through the duel?


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I think that when buffing from the inventory there is no limit (just the limit of what you can get there). It's a choice from having more charms or buffing items/cube.

The limit of one buffing item from stash is one for total of all buffs (with the exception of two items for ES). Which can translate to what you said: after you buff everything you can only change back one item (or two for ES).

This means if you change the gear around (e.g. to change resistances/sorb) you might also change the level of the buffs (since you can't change back to main setup, get one item to buff and then change to resistance/sorb setup).

If you carry CtA or don't use it all, rule is the same: maximum of one item from stash to buff.

Edit: For me it's very understandable to use CtA from stash for characters that can't equip it during the duel (I do it for bowazon). Doing it to use Mara's or beta BKWB for characters that equip CtA might make people wait for something small like two extra BO, which is not as significant as having BO or not.
Yet again, people you use CtA in cube in inventory when playing bowazons might say the same to me for using CtA from stash.
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Well, I'll answer what original intentions of banning prebuff are, now you decide what do you want to do.

15. Call to arms can be used from stash for all classes (no buffing with any additional items, including shields; just gear you use)


NO prebuffing from stash with ANY other item than CtA (no, you can't go to stash and buff your char by putting mara's amulet, going to buff Bo with 2 additional skills, leave mara's at stash and say "rdy" and similar stuff)

NO prebuffing with ANY item from inventory except for CtA (well if stash is allowed for it, inventory is too). That means NO xy items in cube or inventory to prebuff BO or something else with.

Exception to rule are ES sorcs who are allowed to prebuff ES with 2 additional items along with CtA, and lolbuilds (fuzzy etc) who need prebuffing to be actually viable.

Problem with this interpretation: I can buff BO from stash with CtA and equip demon limb to buff enchant on my paladin/barb/whatever. Why can't I buff enchant from demon limb from stash and carry CtA with me normally, isn't that the same?
Answer: it is the same, yes. Additional wording can be put it is not allowed to buff with items from stash or inventory that boost BO level with exception of CtA itself. You can then prebuff with 1 ANY item from stash that doesn't do anything to BO level, aka demon limb enchant etc.

Q: what about beta bramble prebuff? Isn't that OP for venom damage?
A: weeeeeeell....

That's my personal interpretation of such rule, but if you think you should be allowed to buff with ANY item from stash or inventory upgrading your BO level as well or something else, go ahead then.


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I understand that the prebuffing rule applies only for the prebuff from stash. That means, whatever you carry in your inventory should be fine. If it is indeed not so, the rule should be phrased more clearly. Also if it is not so, does that mean you can't use shield with cta on the switch? That wouldn't make much sense.

Personally, I'm not a fan of prebuffing from a stash and it's for one and only reason: it slows down the duels. For example, with a bowazon I carry the cta in the inventory (in the cube). The 4 tiles worth of charms are IMO well worth it, for beta cta without a doubt. And the slow down of the duels doing it that way is minimal.

Regarding your example with the shield Phyro, 2 levels higher BO is not worth 6 tiles of charms for any character, period.

If I'm not allowed to carry some jewelry in the cube along with the cta to squeeze a few more BO levels? Fine, although silly. I carry there a quiver of arrows anyway. :p


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Using shield on switch with cta is normal, that shield is not in stash nor is in inventory one way or another. If you however put the shield on to buff Bo, then take it off to use something else during actual duels, that's different story. Arrows qualify similar as potions, you can drop them in front of entrance and pick them up anytime you want, so it is not a problem if you have spare arrows in inventory with you (or potions).

Prebuff rule was not only meant to speed up duels, but to also create better balance between characters. Ideal situation is to boost BO level by 9 with cube prebuff (aka 27% extra life), even though most physical fighters could improve their BO level by 5-6 (up to 18% life) by switching in dual beta bkwb + mara's. Anyway, perhaps best thing to do is to let players decide whether they want to use time on prebuffing from inventory/stash or not. Just make sure others don't wait your prebuffing and we should all be fine to go.


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The mentioning of a shield is a little confusing. Because if you say any, it means all, including the shield too.

For example. If I'm using spirit shield, I don't have to remove it when I want to use cta from the stash or the inventory, right?

I would still encourage people to prebuff from the cube in the inventory. Because however quick you might be prebuffing from stash, it is still slow considering that most characters prebuff themselves from the switch in 3 seconds. What about allowing some extra item when prebuffing from inventory to compensate the loss of charms and to encourage this quicker method? :) I don't mind waiting for you guys though. :)


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Prebuff rule is only about stash and inventory items. Items you normally use during match as switch (like I have cta + spirit shield switch on my kicker for example, or what most paladins also have as switch) are not included. So no, you don't have to remove spirit when you buff BO from CtA from stash.

But wording is bad in that rule, agreed. Inventory is not even mentioned. That rule needs better wording definitely, and probably more elaboration among players.
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Personally I dislike pre-buffing from the stash, because it annoys me going out of town and back again to cast BO. I'm not saying I don't like other players doing it, I just don't like doing it myself. For my Bowazon I carry the cube in the inventory.

What if the rule was altered to:
15: Pre-buffing is only allowed from stash or inventory with Call to Arms or Memory staff.
16: Delete
17: Remains the same.

I don't see why ES sorcs get two items, it's not like they aren't powerful enough already, especially if they are wearing 1.07 Arkaines and Shako too. So they loose +2 BO from a shield. Or am I missing something? This seems fairer and clearer for me.