It's about that time...


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It's about that time...

Well, now that Pheonix is a mat, it time to start my Septavirate! I've made some modifications to the rules on muling, as I decided I really want to be able to use ATMA as an extended stash. I've restricted the ability to run area to help balance that out. (I've enjoyed that limitation in the MET tourney.) I decided it would be a lot more fun for me having a finite item economy instead of a finite stash.

I've set up a web page for my little project:

I'm also going to try to avoid cookie-cutter builds, because the more unusual builds are more fun. (After a few deaths, my characters may start looking more and more cookie-cutter, however.) First up, a daggerzon! She can only use dagger class weapons (including throwing daggers.) She will be mainly melee and use throwing on the really nasty monsters. I'm going to go the max Valk and Decoy route, with the rest of her points distributed throughout the passive tree. So, any advice on what merc to use with her? I'm considering 4 mercs right now.

Fire Rogue - What can I say, I just love these girls. I also like how well they survive. Good elemental damage.
Defiance Merc - I could go this route and try to find high defense armor. Less Block and D/A/E lock would be nice. A little iffy, since it would require some luck with equipment.
Holy Freeze - The other defensive route. Slower monsters also means less block/D/A/E lock.
Might - Given that this will be a low damage build, every little bit can help.

I think I talked myself out of the defiance merc while typing this. Anyhow, I've read the merc guide, but have no practical experience with any mercs outside of the Act 1 ladies. So, how big of a problem will Dodge lock be? How do HF mercs do with PI monsters? Would a might merc be worth the extra risk? Should I go with the Rogue for a good source of elemental damage?


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Blessed aim? I imagine your AR would be pretty bad with only penetrate. The bad thing about HF merc is that some of the most dangerous melee unfriendly monster are immune to its effect.


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Can't say I'm an expert on tankazons but good call on the dagger :thumbsup:

I was just checking the Facts and Formulae Archive in the strategy compendium and pretty much anything BUT daggers comes with a horrifically bad blocking rate for zons.


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I don't know how much help I can be but I do play HC quite a bit. It doesn't matter how much AR you have if your dmg is low. I don't know what dagger you will be using but I'll assume it won't be that good. Making it through hell will be real tough. You won't leech back much but will be hit for a lot. Defense rating will probably become a priority. It is for all my HC untwinked melee chars.

I wouldn't go with act1 mercs because you want another tank right next to you. Might will help but it can only boost already low damage so high. Holy freeze is nice but like NSX said it has its limits. That leaves defiance. I see it as the most practical choice. As long as he is alive you will benefit from the aura. When monsters have an 80% chance to hit you the game becomes really hard. Even with D/A/E you will get hit. Just remember if your enemy cannot touch you he cannot hurt you.

Hope some of what I said helped.


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Go with the Fire Rogue. That's what I did with my Daggerzon (but then again she was twinked SC). She'll help with the PIs. But I wouldn't max Decoy (I felt that ~5 points was enough). You can always recast Decoy/Valk. Use the points in D/E/A and to max Penetrate. "Dodge lock" wont be a problem as you're attacking just one target at the time.