Items you hate getting and items you can't find!


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Items you hate getting and items you can't find!

In honor of the almighty farting bob's birthday I thought I'd ask you all what items you hate getting. Like, "I swear if I see one more green breast plate I'm going to put a hole in my monitor". And on the other side of that coin what Items do you shop and shop and shop for but can never seem to find. I think everyone in the universe has a Riphook Razor Bow but no matter what I do I can't get one to drop.

Everybody knows you want a SoJ. And frankly no one cares. What silly little items can you not seem to find.

I think if I see another Vidala's Bow I'm going to start my game over and kill the monster that gave it to me again just for spite. :mad:

And I really can't find a Riphook to save my life. :D


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I'm getting sick of seeing any of the lower set items, like Cathan's, Iratha's, and especially Isenhart's. The only items I'm lacking from the lower sets are Arcanna's Sign and Arctic Furs. When it comes to uniques, I've found Arachnid Mesh, Arkaine's Valor, Metalgrid,and other quite rare items, but have yet to find a single Shako! But then again, I've got about 1000 more hell Meph runs left for my Meteorb, so I'm sure one will drop eventually. The uniques I'm sick of are any of the normal bows and crossbows. I swear, sometimes I think whoever made this game had a real fetish for archery.


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I just can't find War Travelers.

I used to find a lot of Lightsabers in 1.09 and found one early in 1.10 but just found my first Azurewrath last week. I find a ton of Ethereal Edge's as well. Green Breast Plates aren't nearly as annoying as Green Rings.


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If I get yet another high rune (Ist - Zod) I'm going to cry. Haven't been able to get that Sigon's Belt to drop.


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TenYearsGone said:
I just can't find War Travelers.
Me, too! A couple of weeks ago, I would have said that this was probably the single item that I had spent the most time looking for with no results. I have since received one in one of this forum's great giveaways.

One of my current (on-going) goals is to finish upgrading all of my 1.09 sets and uniques to 1.10. Since I now possess a War Trav, The Gnasher has moved to the top of my want but can't seem to find list.

As far as items that I see way too much of, I agree with the statement about the low-end sets. Lately, I've been very lucky at finding the Death's sword. I think I found 3 last week alone. Ugh!


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In an effort to be original I'll ... fail miserably.

I too have never been able to find war Travelers, probably the most blaring item missing from my grail.

The one I hate finding, Cerebeus Bite. Its a fairly rare item and yet I run across it quite often. I've get a good number of them and none of several items of similar rarity.


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Nagelrings, Manald Heals, Nokozan's Relics: make the dropping stop!! Or at least, let the golden jewelry drop, just not those three anymore...

I don't mind Cathan's Seals and Isenhart's Cases so much, in fact, i made a seperate stash for the Breastplates, just for fun. Mmmm, that does mean i actually pick up every Green Breastplate that drops along the road. Good thing is, since i made this specific stash, they drop less often. Must be the famous "i want [item name] to drop" thing, you know, the thing when every item BUT the one you want drops ;)


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I hate when gold drops, especially from an act boss. Most worthless stuff ever.

Selling items provides more than enough.


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I think I've had all the green circlets I can take,

And tell me people, do unique class specifics really exist or were they a red herring invented to torture me? I swear in four yerars I've seen less of all of them than I have fingers.


hate getting more generals tan do li das ( or whatever the flail is called ) and steeldrivers... i found 5 steeldrivers once in 5 mf runs one after the other

stuff i havent found yet : stormlash :rant: about the only thing though i miss :) damn my tesla will be happy when (if) i find one


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The next time I ID a gold ring just to find yet another bloody low-end Nagel, I'm going to break something. I swear, it's to the point that I hate seeing a unique ring on the ground. I'm almost tempted to just leave them there these days.


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Hate getting low end greens and I have a ton of etheral edge axes.
Dying to find a deaths web and some other normal gear for my nec like homo shiled and arm of king leoric.
Guess I'm lucky to own a pair of 44 war travs :)

Cheers K


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I think I'm going to stop picking up the Dark Adherent. I've found about 6 this week and I only keep them to give 'em away, but does anyone even want 'em? As for what I'd like, it's a long list still. :)


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There is only one more exceptional unique I need for my grail, and it is the one I cannot find.... T-GODS! So many Set/Rare of them I can't believe it. :(

What need's to stop dropping is Green Splint Mail's, Long Sword's, and Doulbe Axe's.

Disco-neck Ted

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Stony said it best in the Grand Tour: hate getting those stupid % gold find charms, especially in 1.07.

Still looking for Bane Ash (naturally). Have pre-1.10 self-found versions of all the other TC3s.


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I'm not a wealthy MFer so I'm kinda ...weird....

The one item I could do without is Heasomosunnes assamount. Sure, defence is decent for the level, but I never rated it above anything I found at that level.

As for the not-found: Harley's and Baranar's are battleing it out there. If I personally find either of these (Got both from friends) my W00T!! will reach the Dutch/German border.

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