Items that youd like to see or wonder why arent there ifra


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Items that youd like to see or wonder why arent there

Even though ive been Diablo free for 1 week now , i still lurk on the forums and it got me to thinking.

There are so many items that could be added or could have been added that it makes you wonder why they added so many crap new items in the last patch. Heres my list of items i would have liked to seen.

FCR jewels- maybe even be greedy and have it as a sufix (scintilating jewel of w/e )

FCR/IAS charms -maybe like 3% for sc, 6 lc etc

More + skills available on gloves , aside from the amazon and assasin ones now ( no i didnt forget magefists)

More midlevel runewords ; sure they added god knows how many but most of them require vex/ber/ohm/jah etc why not more in the #12-#21 range?

Thats a few of my ideas. Interested in your ideas. Try to be realistic :)


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Very nice ideas there Stimm,

I think you pretty much summed up a lot of "missing" qualities.

But Diablo still has its grasp on you... are u sure there isn't a soulstone embedded in your forehead.... :scratch:


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Mid-level runewords is definately the biggest failing of 1.10. However, I think it would've been great if they had re-enabled the awesome crafting recipes that were once available - yes, make it difficult to get the right ingredients, but they were a lot of fun while they were around.

Couldve also been cool to see something with some % to magic resist... I think right now there is only ONE craft in the whole game that can come with 5-10%.


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WingBlade said:
Very nice ideas there Stimm,

I think you pretty much summed up a lot of "missing" qualities.

But Diablo still has its grasp on you... are u sure there isn't a soulstone embedded in your forehead.... :scratch:
Soulstone hmm i thought it was just acne, that explains it all now!
The temptation is there at times, but even if i wanted to i wouldnt have the time now. Its nearly spring now so ill be spending my next 3 weeks making maple syrup which tastes far better then a CD-ROM.

I had forgotten about the disabled crafting recipes mainly since they were never active when i played the game - definitely should have been re-enabled.


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More throwing weapons available to everyone,
More mid level runewords,
Easier crafting methods in the early game (add level restrictions if you like... Sorry, I don't have by A4-5, and every single crafting method requirse that. How about a crafting method that requies a chip, but can't spawn with godly mods?)
Better damage on this friggin' mid level uniques. If you're just starting out, 1k-2k damage doesn't sound too appealing in hell now.


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Beef up base wepon damage. Not more ED, not more +max, just base dmg would be nice

eg : A pike does 63 ish damage. heavier of the normal wepon...A rare one won't hold up into NM at all, hell, baal runs could be hard.

I'd like to see another 50% damage added to all two handed weponry (20% for swords) as well as they all take a 110 (120 for mauls/great mauls)% str boost. Why? Because in hell, if you're a barb, you aren't killing anything anyway, why not use a sheild....

It'd be nice to have more crafting recipies, as well as rune words that don't fall between the "CRAP" and the "OHMYGOOSE!" catagory. Like Honor. Not the best, but it's good.

Lets % deadly strike spawn on rares or crafts, because I hate sacraficing my amulet space for a highlords.

Edit : That, and I wan't wepons to do specific types of damage. Peircing, slashing or blunt. Sheilds are good against peircing, but don't help too much against blunt wepons. Chain mail pwns joo slashing, but blunt smokes it....etc

Axes : - 2h = blunt+Slash
Swords : 2h = Blunt + slash
Maul = 2h= Blunt
Spears : Pure peirce

Axes : 1h = Slashing
swords :1h = slash/peirce
maces : blunt (pierce on morning star/flail)

etc. It's pretty self explainitory, but It would atleat liven things up around the PvP aspect of things.


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Okay, slightly OT but slightly on topic.
I think that something that would have made the game really fun...but I suppose really different...would be cross class skills. This would add to the RPG aspect of the game much like skill trees added to the Diablo series. I think that barbarians should be able to teleport, however it could maybe require 5 skill points instead of the 1 required of a sorceress. That is something I think is missing from D2X1.10. I would have liked to see more potions too (this is a part of my newly found desire to throw fulminating potions at everything). Okay, Im done being idealistic.


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I'm assuming you mean that they should be able to access cross-class skills independant of items... its a cool thought, but as it is too many people have access to things like Enigma (from dupes mostly) and it just creates a big mess. It could be a cool idea though.

What if there was a 4th, general tree that everyone had access to? It could have neat simple things like +AR (not percent, straight) to throwing weapons, or 1% faster walk/run per point or something. This would help people make more builds, like druid axe throwers or something. Anyways this would never work as it would severely unbalance the game, but since we're just throwing ideas out =)


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I agree with the 4th general skill tree.

They would be more expensive, but offer boosts to mana/ar/life/damage etc.

Like combat training. +10% to damage every skill level, but it costs 4 to level up.

Or prehaps athletisism. +50 stamina for ever 3 points...


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I was kinda mad that they didn't allow for Rare Charms to drop, much like Rare Jewels and Rings and Ammys, these should be given the opportunity.

They could have beefed up the game even more to compensate for that, but who WOULDN'T want a +1 tree/30% Fire Res/10 Max Damage Grand or a Max Damage Small with Vita AND MF?


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Runes with optional mods. For example SHAEL is 20 FHR in armor maybe have it that you can choose 20 ias / 20 fhr or 20 FBR when you socket it.

A lot of good ideas have been posted so far and none that would be over powered. ......rare charms hmmmmmmm


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More *GOOD* unique shields.

Sure stormshield is great for melee but face it, its very expensive.

Lidless is great for caster, but how about some choices?

Just think about armors, theres lots for caster:
spirit shroud
que hagen


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I think alot of it ended with the fact there are no "trade" skills in the tree. Such as you get them when you hit 60 and they level independantly, based on how much work you do with them

And ofcourse they all have a chance to fail, destroying the item and the ingredients

Prehaps a 4th would be something like:

Barbarian : Smithing - Can use superior quality wepons to create his own imbues, with the attributes of what it is smithed with (works with the horodric cube) Master level : Adds +450%ed +20% ar

Sorc : Enchanting with elements. How ever it would require an actual wepon, + runes + gems+ potions or something. Eg : Master level : 100% of level 50 chain lighting + 1000 lightning damage. Ofcourse can hoist those onto any peice of gear, with the exception of armour helm sheild or boots.

Paladin : Adding damage to deamons/Undead/ aura imbuing( very later on) and such like that. Can smith armours (since pala's are ideally defensive) with res, +stats and what ever else the ingredients need be : Master level : +200%ed to demons +190% ar vs undead, +1 might. Ofcourse they could do something similar with sheilds and armours..

Necro mancer : Lets say rest in peace mods, resurrect on kill, +LL, +ML...etc.

You guys get the idea. Just meaning that people who put alot into their crafting would indeed be quite powerful. This would be the more player driven element that I'd be looking for


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I want a catapault .... just a little one .... and I can mount it on one of those carts in abadon (hey they got in there I can get them out) to be pulled by my bear .... and ummmm .... I can load it with loose rocks and chests and non magical weapons and shoot it at people. :evil: