items only (no skills/stats)


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items only (no skills/stats)

I have just completed normal difficulty using an amazon, but without spending a single stat or skill point. Yes i died a few times along the way (mostly from Durial - close confines with a boss), but I am now at 42 level and wondering what I should spend it all on. (...or I could see it it's possible to complete nightmare without skills or stats!) Finding it easier as more nightmare items drop, and item bonuses become as powerful as any skill.

I've always thought that you shouldn't spend skill or stat points until you needed to. This way you should get a close to optimum build. This char is just a progression from there to see just how far you CAN go without skills or stats. You do end up with a bit of a skewed character however as your focus (at least on a combat char class) end up being on getting the dex and str to use a decent bow. Played in open battlenet with a friend who was doing the same with a sorceress. (who just to make it yet more challenging, had almost all items geared to magic find!)

So any recomendations on what to spend it all on?
Dex definitly and some Str, virtually every square of my inventory is devoted to charms to boost these so I can equip some half decent bows/armour.

I'll give you an idea of the items I have, but I'm happy to trade for other items if there is a particularly good build you can recomend. I'll do this from memory as I'm too lazy to alt tab to check everything.

Sigon's Complete Steel
plated belt

Benefits: +30 to attack speed! Life stealing, +10str (again the need for stats) 50 attack rateing (normally I'd think this poor, but with low dex, this was starting to suffer), faster movement, magic find, decent def for the str requirement. Oh and resitances were nicely boosted.

Cathan's traps

+to str, fire dam, and some more life steal

other ring
dex or str (change depending of weapon I use)

Armour Lionheart (obvious stat reasons and +50 life really helped) nightmare armour for low stat requirents but good def.

biggs bonnet (enhanced dam)
alternativly had a socketed circlet with perfect amethists and emeralds for more stats.

2ndry wepons
massive war javalin + swordback hold shield (open wounds)

primary weapon
bow or xbow this changed often throught the game. Used a 3sock stag bow with saphires for a time, then yon bow that reduces cold save, currently using vnice xbow that fires explosive bolts. If I get my stats up, I have a high lev necro who found Cliffkiller which looks to be very very nice.


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Take a look at the sticky called guides - lots of good info there. It looks like you want a bowazon. I'd recommend a Strafer - fun and easy to get into, and quite difficult to master: Max Strafe, Penetrate, plenty in Pierce and the other passives (more details in the guides). As for stats, as little strength as you can get by with, enough vita to not die too often, rest in dex. Have fun :)


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Ha ha! For some time ago there was a kind of competition on strategy forum...
How long can you go playing hc, naked sorc, not using any items but life potions, not investing any state points or using skills - just fists as only weapon. The last raport I remember was from inner closter - after cleaning out EVERYTHING before and making all quests :D
Your project is little similar, isn´t it? Imo your strategy to not spend any points is good only if you are not sure what you want to build. Many people calculate exactly states, skills and gear before they even create a char.
Otherwise - if you play single player and not accept ATMA, your tactic to wait with your decision is wise since it depends on what weapon/gear for Hell diff you will find.


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Spent some stat points on dex. I'd heard an amazon gets a big bonus to dam, for each 100 points of dex she has. Is this adj. or base dex? Not points spent on str etc. as yet. Means I still have to carry lots of str charms, but at least frees a bit more space for nightmare difficulty. Still not spent skill points, but nightmare will be a lot more difficult than normal.

Guess I will be very relient on items.
Q: in PvM what is better +30 attack speed or slows target?