Items On Sorc


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Items On Sorc

I've decided to make my first enchantress, and was wondering if these items would be the best to use (bearing in mind, im not exactly rich):

- Rockstopper
- Ormus' Robes 'um'
- Light sabre(may have amn it for leech)
- Mosers(2Pds)..max block or resists...i chose resists
- String Of Ears
- Natures peace
- Raven Frost
- Venom Grips
- Infernostride
- As for an amulet, well im hoping for a good rune at hellforge if so Metal Grid, if not Highlords Wrath or Rising Sun.

Could someone also give me a link to a dex/max block calculator

Any comments would be appreciated, thnx


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you'll prob want some prebuff equip like. . .
-2X SoJ
-+3 fire helm

And what skill does the robe add to? :scratch:


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I have ormus robes with +3 enchant :D Though I thought enchantress would prefer another armor..


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My Ormus' Robes adds to Frozen Armour...was planning on using this as my skill armour.

As for robes not being the best armour, i chose it for the added elemental damage and + to frozen. I thought it would work ok with um in it.


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Also you shouldn't rely on fire dmg to do all your killing for you. Get a might or HF merc to help you out. With might your phys dmg will go through the roof and help out your leech. With HF everything except bosses and a few other monsters will be slowed incredibly making it much easier to hit and run away when necessary.


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I'm Going to use alot of Elemental Sc's to help out with spreading out the damage, and lightsabre gives such a wide variety of damage.

Also, do u think Max PDR is important? With Ears and Rockstopper i will have 25, maybe i do need a storm :scratch:
Great idea on the might merc, will give it a go :)


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With Max-Block and some PDR i think you will be fine.
Also dont forget to add some FHR items, like Bloodfist gloves 30%FHR/40 Life/... or something similiar

Laying of Hands (gloves from disciple set) are good too ->+350%ED to Demons. Should go nice with the Ligthsabre.

HF or Defiance Merc are great. Colddamage from armors or so help to in slowing monsters.