items I got quest act 5


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items I got quest act 5

I just got a couple of cool items while saving all the barbs(1st quest act 5)
1st was a cool ring
Eagle Eye ring
+4 min
+83 ar
+27 life
+33 mana
all resist +10
half freeze dur.

veil of steel helm
def 396
+60 ed
+110 def
+15 str
+15 vit
all resist +50
-4 light radius

both I think are kick *** but the ring is just awsome. what are ur thoughts



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If the ring only would have some LL or fcr too.. Rlvl48, right? Nice anyway.

The Veil of steal isn't rare and there are allways better choises.


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I'd rather use any magic ring with more then 10 all resists, which aren't that hard to find.