Item comparsions for fishymancer


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Item comparsions for fishymancer


As I'm further developing my fishymancer (gear-wise) I'm struggling with different items for the same spot. My goal is to have loads of +(summon)skills. I'm going to list some items here and put my own experience and thoughts about it. I was hoping you guys could do the same.

Pros: Nice resists, +2 summon, worth for blocking, and other small mods
Cons: Only +2 summon skills

Pros: +3 necro skills, FRW, some resists
Cons: Less resistances than Homu, not worth for blocking, no mods like mana regen

Pros: +2 all skills (boosts cta, 6% extra life), FCR, vitality, mana, some resistances
Cons: High str req, ladder only

I used a Homu pd'd a long time, but now I switched to Boneflame (3 skills, 22 res) which I pd'd. I like it better for it's +1 more summoning skills.

Pros: +1 FG/CE, mana regen
Cons: No resists, low defense

Pros: +2 curses, cold res, psn dmg if making a hybrid
Cons: none that I know of

Pros: Mana
Cons: No skills or fcr

I like both MF and TO's, but I switched to trangs. It imrpoves curses and cold resistances, while giving a FCR bonus.

Pros: Aura for merc and minions, impress others with bear form :p (and can actually do some melee damage)
Cons: Lacks resistances, fcr and skills, expensive

Pros: FCR, 3 skills, resistances, mana
Cons: somewhat expensive

Pros: Lots of skills, some fcr
Cons: No resistances

Pros: FCR, resist, mana
Cons: No skills, high dex req (if not blocking)

I used a HOTO for a while, having a AoKL in my stash for the somewhat more powerful summons. I recently got a Beast BA, and I must say the extra damage and speed is more useful than the extra skill bonuses from HOTO (for my skeletons). Although curses are less powerful, they still rock.

There are more items (armor, etc) ofcourse, but I listed the ones that I feel discussing about. Tell me what you guys think, if there are other items.


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Consider adding a wisp ring. Having the extra auras help your army be the 'buffest they can be'. HoW for faster wacking, Oak for more life minions and the absorb lighting is really nice. The problem is finding one.

The homuc is also nice for the mana regen also and I must admit I like hearing that "clank" sound for when I've blocked something. With a partial Trang's set, your mana regen can get pretty nice.

good luck and good hunting,


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If you're not using blocking the the fullest, I think you may not be maximizing your necro.

Nothing speeds up killing like dropping right in the middle of a pack. I wouldn't want to drop in the middle of a pack of doom knights, pit lords and oks without a homunc.
I always go with the homm low lvl reqs and the 2 to curses coupled with the trang gloves really adds some nice plus skills in that tree.


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Id go with the +3 Boneflame as long as you have resists covered by another section. Im going to have to say that you either have to choose beast-homunc or hoto-boneflame, as resists are important, regardless of what other people may say. If your careful, no one will get close enough to actually wack you, so blocking is very important, however, gloams and other ele attackers can pierce and hit you with massive damage from over a screen away, so you need resists to survive them.... not to mention uber meph.
Beast is always great, though I prefer fcr and resists over fanat...

All Around Superb Necro Gear would be....

Helm: Um'ed Shako or..... +2 Necro, 20 fcr, 20 Resist all, +80 life, +80 mana, coronet+, with double shael'ed or shael + um for either fhr or fhr and resists.
Armor: Low Str Req Enigma
Weapon 1: Hoto Flail
Weapon 2: CTA Crystal Sword (admit it, sword looks kewler than flail)
Shield 1: +3 Boneflame
Shield 2: Spirit Shield
Gloves: Magefists (nothing beats the 20 fcr and +1 to CE)
Belt: Arach (20fcr and +1 all skills isnt beaten by anything)
Boots: +2 Marrowwalks or Treks (+2 to skele mast doesnt add much at high lvls)
Ring 1: BK Ring (life)
Ring 2: SoJ (mana)
7-9x Summon Lifers or summon gcs with 12 fhr
9x fhr or resist scs

To me, this represents ideal necro gear



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i'm thinking in doing a summoner and this is what i'm goind to wear: to summon skellies i'l use leoric arm and boneflame with 3 skills, after that i'll switch to hoto (i'm going to use beast) and homonculus. i dont really care about resists since a summoner shouldn't even be hit or as least it should be hit very few times.


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What I'd advise to get the most +skills is a little impracticle, but it gets the most out of the skellies: equip a CTA and cast BC. Then switch to AOKL and Darkforce Spawn (with +3 to Summoning, Darkforce had lower requirements btw) to summon your skellies. Lastly, switch to Beast and Homunculus.

For the rich people and the perfectionists, add an Um to your Homunculus. Hey, with the price drops today, it's quite easy to do. :rolleyes:

Gloves don't really add that much, in my opinion. You might as well go with Chance Guards for the MF. I myself go with Trang-Oul's Claws, just for the +30 Cold Resist.

If you're going to use Hoto, you might want to Ber your Shako, if your resists are already maxed out.

If mana is no objection, use 2x BK. Less chance on poofing, too. :prop:

Btw, the aura from Heart of Wolverine, is that Fanatism or another one?


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Aura from HoW is different than that from fanat

I disagree that resists are not important to summoners, as yes, you shouldnt be getting hit in melee.... but its quite easy for those ranged elemental attackers to KO you if your not careful, and with maxed resists in hell with hoto, homunc, etc, your much safer and can sit in gloams packs for much much longer, giving you time to tele away.