ITD Ques. And Look at Frost Avenger Idea


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ITD Ques. And Look at Frost Avenger Idea

Has things in 1.10 changed so that itd works nowdays (itd=ignore targets defense) in pvp by any chance.

Now im looking into creating a frost avenger for some temple duels in USWest. Firstly i wont to know if you guys would consider using holy freeze a problem and im willing to reduce its lvl if you find a high level hf bm.

Firstly my skills will be as followed:
20 Holy Freeze
20 Cold Resist
20 Vengeance
20 Salvation
8 Resist Lightning (? lil extra for against foh or should i place into holy shield)

With 8 prequisites that is something my skill tree will look like at 85.
Now onto equipment:

Weapon-Frostwind looks like a good option socketed with an ed/ias jewel or nords tenderizer. Both have high amounts of cold damage and decent ias. With them i will only have 9 fps because 8 requires to much ias. Later i want to use botd lightsaber which will hit 8 fps.

Armour-Shaftstop possibly socketed with cold facet jewel.

Shield-Herald of zakurum socketed with Cham rune

Helm-Crown of Ages socketed with cold facets. Later i will change to nightwings viel with cold facet but i cannot use until i have a botd lightsaber because i would be having cold absorb with 2 items.

Belt-Verdungos Hearty Cord seems like the best option here

Rings-Bul kathos wedding bands. Using for the +1 skills and the life. Not sure what rings are better as ll is something i dont really require because the mass of my damage is elemental. Although i heard that ll is based on the enemies life not on the proportion of ll so i could change this. Could anyone give me some insight to the new leech life system.

Gloves-Soul drainer because of the duel leech. I need the mana leech and this seemed like a good place to get it from.

Amulet-Highlords Amulet because of the ias. The +1 skills is a bonus and the lightning resist dosnt hurt.

Boots-Sandstorm trek looks viable because it has fhr life and str.

Charms will be a combination of fhr (so i can hit 4 frame fhr) and cold damage small charms.

So how do you guys think i can improve this build. This will hopefully be my 1st 1.10 dueler and im still not sure on many aspects of 1.10 dueling so some insight into what do do/not do, use and what works together would be appreciated with this build.


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i assume its pvp
no, itd doesn't work for pvp

what is vengence for ????????
you forget zeal to deal your cold dmg and for AR and phys dmg
cold dmg charms won't help you, offensive auras GC can boost your dmg.

you need a phase blade + ias for 4fpa bp
you forget holy schield ....

a doom weapon can provide -cold resist

need some charge to come in close combat + vigor.

overall, i think it's a bad pvp built but i may prove wrong as i'm not a specialist


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TheCheese said:
Later i want to use botd lightsaber which will hit 8 fps.

you cant make a runeword in a unique item like Lightsabre,needs to be gray socketed dimensional blade or phase blade or any other normal socketed weapon.

as for your vengaence skill, it doesnt do much good without Conviction, which lowers the defense & resists of your enemy,forget obout maxing Holy freeze & Salvation (only 2% synergy to vengaence, not worth it) instead max resist fire & lighting to further vengaence damage.


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Hehehe that was nooby of me 2 say lightsaber i ment phase blade of course. This is for pvp and doom isnt aloud in temple. I dont want to use zeal because the proportion of my damage is elemental in the first place. How wont cold damage scs help me????????? With cold facets ill have -to enemies cold resist and wont it boost the damage?

I think you have misunderstood my build Syphilis. Im not going for physical damage but elemental damage.


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i know you were going for elemental dmg.

in fact, you have melt 2 pvm builts together that cannot be merged to go pvp : the avenger and the frostadin :
- the avenger dealing massive fire lit & cold damage with a combat skill (vengence)and supporting it with conviction to help the ar and the damage by lowering def & resists (single resists are used as vengence masteries)

- the frostadin adding cold damage to its weapon with holy freeze which furthermore slows enemies by 55%. the goal here is to deal the cold dmg as fast as possible. there, zeal provides speed (the more attacks in 1sec, the more cold dmg), ar, and some physical dmg to help leaching. even with itd, you will need this ar for champions, uniques and bosses.

what you want to do is having elemental dmg with vengence and slowing with holy freeze, with max cold resist & salvation for pumping both vengence and holyfreeze added damage.
you will have some fire & lit dmg and alot of cold.
the flaws of the built : little ar. you will have a hard time hitting a 75% blocking/10,000def char. a smiter will eat you (hits you 95%), a zealot will eat you, a hammerdin will eat you ....
you will deals more dmg with a vengence/conviction built AND you will hitmore often.
furthermore, you can have the slow effect with the doom runeword.

this is just my thoughts, you can just test it if you think you can have it works.