ISO The Following Items


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ISO The Following Items

x1 Azurewrath
x1 Last Wish
x2 6BO CTA

Yep that's about it. If you guys have it for trade, post your offers and stats up. Thanks!


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Re: ISO The Following Items

Hey Haithere,

Don't know if you're still looking for this stuff, but if you are, I have an Azurewrath, stats are as follows:

Phase Blade
One-Hand Damage: 113 To 128
Required Level: 85
Required Strength: 25
Required Dexterity: 136
Sword Class - Very Fast Attack Speed
+267% Enhanced Damage
+30% Increased Attack Speed
Adds 250-500 Magic Damage
Adds 250-500 Cold Damage, 10 sec. Duration
+1 To All Skills
+6 To All Attributes
Level 11 Sanctuary Aura When Equipped
+3 To Light Radius

Let me know if you still are looking for one!