iso Pindleskin/Nihlathak 1.11b mlvl's


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iso Pindleskin/Nihlathak 1.11b mlvl's

Hi there - I was wondering what monster levels are hell nihlathak and pindleskin in version 1.11b? I can't find any place on the net that has an mlvl/area level chart that is updated for 1.11b (I've found plenty of 1.10 ones, but the mlvls for superuniques/act bosses have been changed since then). The reason I'm asking is that I'm wondering what level the charms dropped by pindleskin/nihlathak would be, so I know if it's worth cubing them or not (eg. can they get 45 life, or can only baal GC's do that?).

Also, I was wondering what level hell cows are now?

Thanks! :)


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mlvl = area_lvl (+2 for champs, +3 for uniques and their minions)
List of area levels: Levels
(Hell Moo Moo Farm is area level 81)
Ok, thanks. Sorry, I didn't see it at that link (which I already had).

Also, is the ilvl = mlvl -3 to +6, and with this formula is it possible for hell cows to drop CoA (which is ilvl=87), or am I holding a delusion?

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Monster levels didn't change at all in 1.11. Only the übers, a few cube recipes, bugfixes were added - and a few new bugs :azn: