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If you're a person that just died, bored of playing a certain character, or just wanna start playing with some friends. I'm looking for 3 or 4 people (that way we have a 4-5 person team.) To play through with.
I don't care about twinking after all it is your character. I really would like to start today, and maybe play once a week, and sporadically add in a weekend game. It's agitating to me because all of my buddies quit. I lost my 76 zon, and i just want to get started again, but i dont want a rush (nor do i have the items for getting rushed.) So How about it guys, anyone wanna make a new friend and a new character. Whisper me on east or reply here. *devil_hatred or *dowdevil. My name's drew, and let's just have some fun.
Also -sidenote- i'd like to build around each other's character, yet have enough independence to go at it alone. I'll be a light fury amazing/tank if needed. I'd love to have a barb, druid, necro, and sorc. SO holler at me if you are interested. :xcool:
I guess I could get back into Diablo even before the new ladder season. My schedule's a little tight with school and work and all that, but I am able to play once or twice a week.


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I'd rather we play untwinked, but it doesnt matter that much. I'll play. Acct is *joltx, I can play any day of the week.


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Shure ill play. We were in a team together a little while ago...didnt get past act2 :)

When it comes to weekend games thats fine as long as its not at night. Cant make mondays but besides that im good.

Ima go with a sorc....kukusorc :)
Iv been eyin that build for a while and ill give it a shot.
The names Jim by the way.


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FrankZappa said:
I'm a people, but I dont play anymore. When are we getting rid of these insipid xmas expressions?
Those Xmas Smiley are here to stay, but u can still use the other smileys if u scroll down... since it shows ALL the other smileys. Just a hint..


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Screw hints, I want fully detailed instructions and I want to be called Noob, Nub, Newb and any other variations on the word at the end of the post god damn it.


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You can count me in as a necro =-).
But I am on West though......
NVM, I think I'm sticking to West
If I can't be the sorc, I'd like to be the necro. I'll go whatever build you want, but I'm assuming summoner would be the best.