ISO lvl 49 sorc guides


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not sure what you mean? You're looking for help to get through NM in the mid levels, or you want to build a sorc with a max level of 49 for a variation on low level dueling (one I havn't heard of)?

If you are just looking for help to get past the middle of the game, you'll need to tell us what kind of skills you have so far, and what the problem is. Levels 30-70 are generally pretty easy for me. Once you get your top level spells at level 30 - move to NM and preceed to kill everything. Keep investing in that one area until you have it maxed for your build. That will generally be enough to carry you through NM (which you generally don't leave until level 70-75).


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simple I need guides to make lvl 49 sorc or a little help for cold and or fire sorc pvp mid lvl dueling.


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hmm, thanks for the clarification. I don't know of anything we have in the sorc guide library. I only knew of people dueling at lvl 9, 18, and 30. 49's a new on me. Sorry.


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The gear and skills really aren't that difficult to figure out. You're just trying to max out your damage using what's available at that level.

Sample gear:

+3/20%FCR circlet
+3 ammy with life or FCR
godly magical or rare orb (cheap = occy)
4x facet armor or Vipermagi if you need the FCR
3x facet AToD (cheap = whitstan's, moser's, viscerataunt)
Magefist or Trang's
2x SOJ or mana/FCR rings
Snowclash or String or TGod's or Tal's or upped Nightsmoke

Skills: pump the damage as much as possible.


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ok tnx for help
Most important is to find the nice circlets or ammy.
I got somewhere a 3 soc AToD hoply it's < lvl 49

Need to play a little with planskiller I think.

Can we found circlets with 3/20 below lvl 49?


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I dont think a dual three build is going to be strong enough for lvl 49. I would go the Fireball route with synergies ofc. 200FCR is impossible without Spirit Shield(monarch lvl 54) and Arachs(lvl80), so 105FCR is a breakpoint vital to achive imo + put 5/5 die facets in every equipment you can ofc. Skillers can have up to 30life for lvl 49.

I only knew of people dueling at lvl 9, 18, and 30. 49's a new on me. Sorry.
lvl 49 duels are common in Europe