ISO list


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ISO list

I've finally hoarded up my ridiculous amounts of hrs, and I'm ready to finish out my gear requirements.

I need a ptorch, don't care about the attribute bonuses, just the resists, gotta be 18 or higher..
I need an annihilus, again, attributes don't matter, exp gain doesn't matter, just the resists, make it 18 or higher.
pally combat GCs are awesome, will totally take them as well.
A maras is a must, 28+ plz.
IAS SC or LC would be amazing.
I've got multiple bers, jahs, chams, los, ohms, vexes, surs, and one zod. I've also got tons of mid runes, but who cares about those?
If you're looking, I've got a 12/20 barb torch ft as well, just saying.

PM me, comment, whatever. If you want to try to get ahold of me in-game, I'm mnmz4l1f3, my main toon is FalseMessiah. give me a shout.


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Re: ISO list

i got 14/18ptorch and 15life pcomb

lmk your offers

*sharkapl2 or pm
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