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ISO items will pay well

Discussion in 'US East Standard - Ladder' started by MagicMissile, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. MagicMissile

    MagicMissile IncGamers Member

    Mar 15, 2012
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    ISO items will pay well

    will pay hrs(Ber and Jah)
    20/20 Sorc Torch
    20/20 anni or high anni
    Perfect Gheeds (160/40/15)
    20 life 17 mana small charms
    fire gc with fhr
    fire gc with 45 life
    godly sorceress rare amulet with +2 sorceress skill 10% fcr
    godly sorceress rare circlet with +2 sorceress skill 20% fcr
    godly sorceress orb with +3 fire ball(or fire bolt) and +3 fire mastery and +3 energy shield 20% fcr
    perfect monarch spirit (171 defense 35 fcr 112 mana 8 magic absorb 15 dura)
    perfect monarch (15 ed 15 dura)(no socket is prefered)
    6-6-4 crystal sword cta
    upped perfect frostburn (one up or double up) looking for perfect roll.
    eth andy (10/30). perfect ones are welcome too
    eth 15/3 cryptic axe or giant thresher (either no socket ones or 4os ones)
    perfect eth bugged infinity (cryptic axe or giant thresher)
    perfect eth bugged fortitue (archon plate or sacred armor)
    Perfect eth treachery (archon plate or sacred armor)
    perfect eth bugged armor (3os or 4os archon plate or sacred armor)
    perfect treck 170ed/15/15/70
    eth treck 15/15/70 (defense doesn't have to be perfect)
    godly boots

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