ISO Gull, have 32 1.13d PGems

HC Gunther

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Quick version - I'm looking for a Gull (don't care what version) and have 32 1.13d PGems (6 Amethyst, 5 Diamond, 5 Emerald, 6 Ruby, 3 Sapphire, 3 Skulls, 4 Topaz).

Long version - 2 and 1/2 years ago, I played 7 SC toons at once, running them one at a time through each Act while swapping stuff periodically. There's a link in my sig where I posted what I did. I got them to Act V Normal and then stopped playing. I played other things and then recently decided to come back to D2.

I created another set of 7 SC toons and started again. My second toon found a Gull in Tristram. Yeah! I'll sell all my trash to Gheed and then put it in my stash! (Sells stuff to Gheed). Now, where is that Gull? Gone. I had sold it to Gheed. And there is no buyback mechanism in D2. So I'm looking to trade all of my PGems from my prior run of seven toons for a replacement for the Gull I stupidly sold to Gheed. I have a lot of other stuff that I accumulated during my prior run and I'm open to trading any of it as a part of the trade for the Gull.