ISO Fishy MF gear


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ISO Fishy MF gear

Hello! I'm looking for some basic gear to start MFing with my fishymancer (summoner). List follows! (unspecified variables can be anything, cheap is my priority!)

Arm of King Leoric
Skin of the Vipermagi
Chance Guards (higher MF is preferred)
War Travs (higher MF is expensive, so lower is fine)

I do not have much to offer, 16 pgems (including 2 pamys and 2 prubies) and a few runes: 1x Lum, 1x Hel, 1x Shael, 5x Sol, 3x Amn (and lower, let me know)
I also have an Iron Jang Bong, Tal's Belt 12% MF, 9max jewel (for LLDs), 2 ele Druid magic ammy, rare zon ammy 1 skills/19AR/5%LL/5life replen/26mana, Gloom's Trap, Silks of the Victor, 2x Bloodfist

I apologize in advance if I'm trying to buy a car with spare change or something like that! ;)