ISO Fanatic Zealot Weapon


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ISO Fanatic Zealot Weapon

Sureshrill Frost is getting a bit slow in Hell (to put it mildly), so I figure it's time to upgrade.

So, I'm looking for a decent weapon with Crushing Blow chance to hopefully help with the remaining distance. Astreon's Iron Ward would be my first choice, followed closely by Heaven's Light. I'm new to the game, and it's my first toon in Hell, so I'm not going to be that picky about random mods etc.

However, on the other side of it, I just started playing around a week ago - so I don't have that much to trade either. (As I don't know what Astreon's is worth, I mentioned the Heaven's Light as a budget choice - since I figure it can't be too much more than a few pgems.)

To short hand:

ISO: Astreon's Iron Ward (or Heaven's Light, if I'm out of my price league)


Pamethysts x 8
Perfect Ruby x 5
(Other) Assorted Pgems x 13

Tir x 1
Nef x 2
Eth x 2
Ith x 3
Tal x 3
Ral x 3
Ort x 6
Amn x 6
Sol x 2

Bloodletter (+3+3)
Gorefoot (28 ED/20 AR)
Bonesnap (216 ED)
The Impaler (164 ED)
Dark Clan Crusher (25 AR)
The Diggler
Spectral Shard
The Iron Jang Bong
Rogue's Bow
Rockfleece (106 ED)
Heavenly Garb

Sigon's Visor
Sigon's Gage
Milabrega's Orb
Tancred's Skull
Cleglaw's Claw
Cleglaw's Tooth
Sander's Riprap
Sander's Taboo
Isenhart's Case
Isenhart's Horns
Arctic Horn
Arctic Binding
Vidalia's Fetlock
Hsarus's Iron Stay
Death's Touch
Cathan's Seal

Rune Hold - Ring - 40 Life/24 Mana/20 Poison Resist/MDR 2
Slayer's Amulet of Revivification (+1 skills/+14 rl)
35% MF Demonhide Boots

While I'm sure most of this is probably Charsi bait, I figured I'd add it in a first list! Only way to learn what has value and what doesn't. Thank you in advance, and you can find me at *Leogloredhel
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Re: ISO Fanatic Zealot Weapon

@aazjazz: that sounds fine, 2 Pames it is!

@dhopisthename: thank you for the offer, going for the cheaper one as I hope not to be holding on to this -too- long!


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Re: ISO Fanatic Zealot Weapon

Im working now so it might be faster if you drop me a mule through PM. I'll pass it to you when i get back