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ISO Better Stuff


Let me apologize for being a newb on the forums re posts. I've been a long time lurker.

Honestly, I can say I've had little success trying to trade stuff here, and I'm kinda disappointed. People either already have "good stuff" or have junk to trade.

I'm one of those "in the middle" peeps.

Take a look and if you're interested, shoot me a PM or catch me online *jscott554

ISO runeword items, or decent runes to make my own runeword.

Current trade List:


Firelizard Talons (Claws)
+3 M Arts, 15% IAS, 227% ED, 236-480 Fire D, +2 wake of Inferno, +1 Wake of Fire, 56% Fire resist

Cranebeak (War Spike)
+40% IAS
287% dmg
-26 Target def
1-306 Light D
44% MF
Lvl 8 Raven

Demon Limb (club)
211% ED'
123% E DMG to demons
222-333 Fire Dmg
13 LL
19 Fire R
lvl 23 Enchant (12/20 charges
self rep 1/sec
+50% dmg undead

Nord's Tenderizer (Truncheon)
136-166 Dmg
26 IAS
288% ED
150% AR
206-406 Cold
Freeze Tar +2
Cold Absorb 12%
Lvl 16 Blizz 12/12 chgs
+50% dmg v undead

Lightsabre (Phase blade)
5% chance case lvl 18 chain light on attack
20% IAS
186% ED
10-30 ED
Ignore Tar def
+ 60-120 Mag dmg
+1-200 light dmg
7% mana steal
26% light absirb
+7 light rad


Medusa's Gazed (Tower shield)
Def 440
10% chance to c L7 LOWER RESIST when struck
100% LO44 Nova when die
8% LL
Slow targ 20%
172% E Def
cold R 54%

Magefist (Gauntlets)
Sting of ears (Belt)

Will update later... have plenty more