iso 4/20ias maiden javs + more (lvl 30)


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iso 4/20ias maiden javs + more (lvl 30)

Finished up two of my characters (finally XD). Having a lot of fun with the lld thing, decided to keep it going. Got a lvl 9 and a lvl 18 so far, looking to make a 30!


Weapon: Maiden Javelins with 4 to jav skills, and 20-30 ias. Other mods are nice, but i would be happy with a plain pair like that. Must be maidens though, I hate the requirements on ceremonials.

Gloves: 2javskill/10ias (other mods like stats, resists are cool :) )

Helmet: 1 zon, frw, stats, 2os (must be better then peasant crown, which is hard)

Inventory: 15 life sc's, frw/stat charms (frw/dmg/ar, frw/mana)

There we go, i believe that's it. Help me get this so I can duel more often, Bnet is full of level 30's that are not me :(

I will get my FT list up once I can do some inventory of what is gone from my last thread, until then post your price in runes!