Isenhart's items


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They drop randomly from enemies. Equip magic find items to increase your chance to find magic, rare, set and unique items.


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I usually find several of them with each of my single-pass untwinked characters. Along with Cathan's Seal (ring), I'd say it's the most common set item in the game.

Of the four items in the set, I think the Gothic Shield is the least easy one to find.


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You'll rue the day you ever asked for Isenhart's Case...soon enough you'll be tripping over them. Someone must have put a Gemino Curse on that awful set (linky)


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Isenhart's breast plate is indeed the most common non jewelry set item I think. You'll indeed be sick of them soon enough :).

Good luck finding it for now though. And welcome to these forums !!!


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I have Isenhart's Lightbrand as both a ring and an amulet =)

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